Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Gluten free picnic food post 2

I had done a post earlier this month with some gluten free food suitable for a jubilee picnic, and have made more since so thought I would update you.

Tofu Frittata

  • I soaked some dried onions and dried tomatoes in water for 30 minutes before I started making.
  •  Peel, slice and cook 4 medium potatoes
  • cook 2 oz frozen peas
  • fry off the peas and potatoes with the drained onions and tomatoes, add 1 teaspoon paprika and salt and pepper to taste. 
  • mix 4 eggs with 50ml milk and pour onto potato mix 
  • add 4oz grated cheese and 6oz tofu
  • cook gently until eggs set and slice once cooled
  • serve with a salad

Tofu potato salad

  • peel and cube 4 potatoes and cook until soft
  • meanwhile chop a medium sized red onion up, cube a box of tofu and mix and cover the two to allow the tofu to pick up the onion flavour
  • cook 4 oz frozen peas
  • drain potatoes and peas and rinse in cold water
  • mix all together in a large bowl and season to suit

following the biscuit recipe here, except I used Wilton Gel colour and I rolled the 3 colours out, stacked them up, added some sultanas, rolled them swiss roll style and sliced into catherine wheels

These next two are more suitable for a street party rather than to take on a picnic,


  • split 1.5 pints of  milk into 3 equal parts, and colour 1 part blue and 1 red.
  • using the red milk add 20g dried raspberries or 2 oz fresh ones
  • bring to a the boil and add 1 oz sugar and 1 heaped tablespoon agar flakes
  • cool in a jelly mould
  • once red jelly cooled make the white using the same method as with red using coconut instead of raspberries
  • pour on top of red and leave to cool
  • once cool make blue milk with blueberries and blue Wilton Gel colouring. I had no blueberries so I used tin pears instead. I used the hand blender to whisk up the pears into the warm milk and this made for a much lighter mousse than the other two colours, would do this with all of them next time.

Meringue - you can see how I made this here, remember this would also work egg free if you have an egg allergy


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