Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been tagged by two people for this, Emma over at The Mini Mes and Me she is a fellow project 366er and Kelly at Writings, Ramblings and Reviews who is like me part of the Sainsbury's Bank Blogger Network, and to be entitled to keep this award I have to share five random facts about me with after much thought and deliberation I give you

dont you recognise me??
1) I did a bungee jump for charity twenty years ago. It was something I always fancied doing so when they came to my home town I decided to give it a go. All went well till I got to the top and made the mistake of looking down.......and then realised just how high up one hundred and eighty feet is....but I had £485 in sponsor money for the local special care baby unit riding on my jumping...and eventually I one respect it was awful, in another very exhilarating. Would I do it again? Having witnessed one that went horribly wrong and getting covered in blood from the injuries of the jumpers then most definitely NO.

2) I hate sp****s, those horrible crawling eight legged things that lurk around the places looking for arachnophobics to jump out on. They don't care if your in the bath as they crawl across the ceiling, or doing something vitally important on your laptop as they run across the floor towards you, Im sure I must have a label round my neck visible only to these eight legged things.

me in the red at a party with other volunteers
3) I was a volunteer in a Urban Aid funded community project when my own children were young. At the time we lived in what was classed as an area of deprivation, though don't think my kids ever saw themselves as deprived. I had huge amounts of fun and got a great deal of personal satisfaction out of doing it. Back in those days two or three adults could accompany upwards of a hundred kids on a bus trip to a swimming pool, you could physically interact with the kids, pick them up, carry them, chuck them in rivers and you were seen as normal not perverted.

same child at 14 with a bin lid on her head and trouser legs on her arms

4) I had a nervous breakdown in my twenties, brought on by an accumulation of little bits and pieces, from having a premature child that NEVER stopped crying at night for nearly four years, the same child being entitled to DLA and carers allowance due to her complex needs, and who I will readily admit I was on the verge of shutting up with a cushion at four weeks old as I could not take any more from her. There was more to it than that but thank goodness for friends is all I can say.

my eldest, niece and nephew and a child minded child
5) I was a registered child minder for nearly fourteen years when my own children were young. I could not hold down a job back in the day bosses were not as tolerant and understanding as they are now. So I earned money by looking after other peoples who slotted in with my own.

Now I am suppose to tag five other people here, but I dont like doing that and they dont always respond so I will pass this bit


  1. woah you are brave with the bungee jump! My Mr did one from the Transporter bridge, I paid as a present, and it was scary enough just watching lol. Thanks for doing your 5 :) x

  2. WOW I would never ever ever do a Bungee jump you are so very brave x

  3. I would love to do a Bungee jump! I love spiders and animals in general! :) x


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