Thursday, 10 May 2012

Project 366 131/366

We took poor shorty four paws off to the vet again tonight, has been the last two Thursdays  as she not quite right. While she was there tonight they scanned her belly, but to be able to scan it they shaved it first - so here we have one shaved belly.

one undignified little dog


  1. Oh bless her, hope she's ok?

  2. she had a weakness in her back, old age wear and tear but they gave her antibiotics in case it was an infection. Exertion is making her keel over and not sure if it heart related. Vet not sure if she can hear a murmur of the heart or crackling on the lungs, or fluid in the belly. Scan looked ok to them, so gave her a few injections and to take her back tomorrow for another check. She turned 16on her last birthday...and is aging week by week at the moment.

  3. Oh bless her. Hope she is ok x

  4. oh no :( I hope the check over today goes ok for her. x


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