Friday, 25 May 2012

Project 366 146/366

Was out wandering around with my camera today, took a couple of good pics, but then thought the idea would do for a theme next week. Took some of ducks and swans but the reflections were not quite right so I was not happy with any of them, six months ago they would have been good, now they are not.

But spotted this round the edge of the pond and thought it that bit different.

exposed tree roots


  1. Oh love piccies like this. It's surprising what patterns show up.

  2. Interesting picture, its amazing what you find when you open your mind, i've learnt so much this year!

  3. I LOVE pictures like this. It reminds me driftwood, which I can't resist picking up an adding to the bathroom....

  4. Beautiful in a strange way. I like pics like this :)


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