Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A nice useful win.

Dalani had been running a series of competitions in March, and I was luck enough to win the one run by Anwen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mummy, and I said I would let her know what I had chosen.

I decided that really what I needed most was some items to use for my foodie photographs, and they had some very nice items, and eventually I chose

a small red baking dish

a green mini bowl

a blue ramekin
a pink ramekin

a blue oval baking dish
and eventually I got the last bit of my order through, these were all ordered on 4th April so I have waited a while. They are not quite the size I had thought they would be, but I want them for photographs not drying dishes so they will be fine. 

For those of you who follow my blog you will have seen these taking a starring role already in a lot of posts.


  1. Replies
    1. aren't they just. these are not for using, just for looking

  2. Oooh nice choices! I love bakeware and those are all very nice.

    1. thank you, I am very pleased with them, the items are lovely, and will be very useful for my blog.


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