Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bob's birthday cake

Bob turned seven yesterday, my daughter said he was not allowed to as he is growing up to much, but you cant turn back the hands of time. I myself have frozen it as I refused to get any older than twenty nine.

One of the things I do for Bob every year is make his cake, I personally would not feel offended if any other member of the family wish to relieve me of the stress pleasure but nobody seems to want to.

raw cake ready for the oven


6 oz sunflower oil
6 oz coconut sugar
3 eggs made with egg replacer
1 carrot grated ( to keep it a bit moister)
1 pack jelly sweets ( for a bit of texture)
11 oz gluten free flour
1oz cocoa powder.

1. Soak the egg replacer in water
2. mix together oil, sugar, egg replacer, carrot and sweets.
3. split mix into 2 and add 6 ox flour to one half and 5 oz flour and the cocoa powder to the other half.
4. place into two rectangular cake tins and cook for approx 20 mins.
5. turn out to cool

Once cool the idea had been to cut the cakes into a train shape, but typically of an egg/gluten free cake that has nothing to bind it together it broke.

So I had to try and come up with another idea.

I made some vanilla butter icing and covered the chocolate half with it, and then stuck the broken vanilla half on top of it best I could. I then coated the top best I could with more butter icing and then covered the sides.

 I covered it in white ready to roll icing.

rolled some red and black together to get s marble effect and cut out a No 7.

Cut out Bob's (proper) name and added the letters onto the No7.

As the finishing touch I topped it off with a No7 candle.

Here is Bob cutting up his cake.

For all the cake fell to pieces it tasted very good.

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