Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Making money from recycling.

I saw Della's workshop over on twitter and quite liked the idea of what she is aiming to do. We have all heard of recycling, well Della has taken this one step further using her skills to recycle loved items into something uninque and interesting.

Della tell us

Our Mission
To take any abandoned and un-loved tables, chairs, sideboards, frames and any other furniture that has seen better days, and give them a good ol' makeover, and send them out to new, warm and inviting homes - right where they all belong!  We pour our heart and soul all over our Hand Made gifts, products and restorations to ensure that our customers leave us with a BIG smile. We are huge believers in buying local and eco products.

Who is 'Della'?
Della - AKA 'Lady' Adele Flint - is the founder of the company. It was a chance meeting with an old oak table over a coffee in a charity shop that drove her passion for restoring the unfortunate pieces of furniture that get forgotten, and transform them into one-off masterpieces. With a BAHons in Fine Art, her creative flair helps to come up with all of the original designs for our gifts and homewear.

We are a furniture restoration company based in Cannock, Staffordshire. An ideal location that is easily accessible from the M6. We are right in Middle - England, but are unfortunately not short enough to be Hobbits. Keep your eyes peeled for news of our 'Big Public Opening' - Nothing beats a good ol' get together!

Are you looking for that perfect personalised gift? Do you have a piece of furniture that you want sprucing up? Or perhaps you have a piece that you are unsure if you want to keep or throw away? Don't panic! Just drop us a message from our 'Contact' page and we can give you some help. We take on many commissions, and are here to give our help and advice.

You can find the Web site here 

Della sells her stuff in her shop here

Della sent me over a nice original engraved jar that doubles as a candle holder that says "All you need is love".

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