Saturday, 13 April 2013

Using leeks while they are in season

I picked up some seasonal leeks in the supermarket the other day and decided to make something different for the tea with them.

First off I decided on leeks and potatoes in a cheese sauce with bacon.

Peel and slice enough potatoes to do your family. Wash and slice enough leeks for the family and cook the slices in boiling water. Once cooked drain.

Add enough cheese spread to a saucepan and melt to make a sauce to cover the potatoes and leeks, stir together. Add to an oven proof dish, lay slices of bacon across the top and cook under the grill.

Serve immediately.

The second recipe I made was alphabet soup.

Add enough stock to the pan for amount of people you feeding, add  sliced leeks and grated carrots. Cook for ten minutes and then add a generous portion of gluten free alphabet pasta and cook for another twelve minutes. Makes a nice filling gluten free meal for this lovely spring weather we have.

The pasta was supplied by Healthy Supplies but the recipes are my own.

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