Sunday, 28 April 2013

How I have changed since 1983 - along with Special K

A lot has changed from 30 years ago: Dynasty-era shoulder pads have come and gone, Karma Chameleon is (thankfully) no longer top of the charts and now one of the most popular breakfast cereals is updating. For the first time since 1983, Kellogg’s is changing Special K with a new, more delicious and wholesome recipe.
The new recipe contains three grains -- rice, wheat and barley (previously there were two) -- and is made with wholegrain, for a source of fibre as well as 8 vitamins and minerals. It gives health-conscious, weight-watching women a tastier breakfast.

So what did I think of the new Special K?  I like whole wheat in my cereal for the added fibre and these do not disappoint in the taste test. They remain crispy throughout when served with home made soya yoghurt and fresh fruit. They have a pleasant taste, are not too sweet and fill you up any time of the day.

1983, gosh what was I doing back then? Well I would have been minus one as I am only twenty nine now.....ok ok ok the granddaughter does not believe me either....1983, I would have been twenty three. A mum to two daughters who turned four and three in this year. I was a registered child minder and loved my life.  We baked, played and did arts and crafts together. We spent hours in the park, long before CBBC and such existed to entertain children. They entertained themselves.
Allergies were a no no and people like me and my daughter were frowned upon - lactose intolerance, don't be silly, there is no such thing, it is a fad.

1983 was the year I got my first washing machine, a second hand one from a friend. I remember the first night I got it we sat in front of it and watched it wash the clothes, probably a lot more interesting than what was on the three channels of television that closed down just after 10pm with the national anthem.

What else was happening in 1983?

The £1 coin first came into circulation in this year. With inflations £1 today is worth the equivalent £2.98.*

Back then £1 would buy you+ - twenty cigarettes. or three  loaves of white sliced bread, or six pounds of frozen chicken or £2.77 litres of petrol .
This year it will get you a bottle of water, 0,72 litres of petrol.or one loaf of white bread

Seatbelts for both drivers and front seat passengers became law in the U.K.

The final episode of M*A*S*H was aired. Brilliant programme despite the background theme, if you ignored that it was actually very funny. The final episode of M*A*S*H was a two and one half hour special that attracted the largest audience to ever view a single television program episode. ^

Michael Jackson introduced the world to The Moonwalk with a performance of Billie Jean. His album Thriller went on sale and stayed at No1 for thirty seven weeks. Most of you that were not even born then will know the words to pretty much all the songs despite them being older than some of you. Feel free and sing along.  

The Nintendo goes on sale for the first time, this was a very basic platform game machine that brought hours of entertainment to children and adults alike.

Cameras -  back in the day you had to take your photos, send them away for processing and wait on them coming back. Not a quick, easy or cheap thing to do.

Here is a montage of the two girls back then, as I say the pictures were not always the best, but the memories of theses times are still in my head. 

Fast forward to 2013, well it does not seem thirty years ago so it must have fast forwarded.

How have I changed? I am now a mum to five grown and flown children, and a grandmother to two. I have passed my driving test and have been to university and got a B.A.  I work in a hospital and love my job. I fil in my spare time with blogging, comping and having fun with my grandchildren. 

I now have more allergies and they are perfectly acceptable now, I also have asthma and Menieres Disease I did not have back then. I am bit larger than I was, but apart from that I am still me.  

The grandchildren have sky tv in their room here and could feasibly watch tv all night between the hundreds of channels that are available. 

Games consoles have changed beyond all recognition, where you can become part of the game if you wish to. Taking them from the sedentary stare at the screen games to multi-player interactive. 

I have a digital camera now, and with the grandchildren I can snap, snap, snap and take a hundred pictures just to get the right one. Plug the camera into your computer and see instantly on the screen the results of your endeavours, to share with the worls in a few seconds. This blog is littered with pictures, leaving behind a legacy for me, the grandchildren and the great  grandchildren to look back on in another thirty years. 

This is my entry for the Britmums/Special K "How I've changed linky challenge

I was sent a box of Speial K to try out in return for this post. 

* source - this is money
+ source AOL
^ source


  1. The world has changed .

    I remember the 80's

  2. Great post with lots of details. You need to add the badge for Special K to your post please. Commenting on behalf of BritMums

  3. i didnt realised there are so many things in 1983! Good to know you more!


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