Saturday, 29 June 2013

A walk over the back #CountryKids

As you know we moved house last week, one of the main advantages is the grandchildren are just round the corner, and that we can go off and wander around the countryside that is literally on our doorstep.

the view from the end of the street, out over countryside 

So on Wednesday I had the children over to stay for the night as it is weeks since I was able to have them to stay. It was a beautiful evening and so we decided after tea we would go for a walk down the woods. Fifi and her friend E are inseparable so I took the three of them for a wander.

off we went, Bobs in front

over the steep hill and don to the bottom 

with gates top and bottom, bottom gate leads onto a road
The girls decided we should  head to the play park that is part of the local caravan park, so I followed them. They had been with the school the week before and thought they knew where it was. Sadly all the rough paths looked the same.  We walked in varying directions for about 45 mins and still no park in sight, so they decided to head back.

we passed the trickle of a stream

and Fifi got stung by nettles

We had some interesting conversations along the way. Fifi was asking about snakes in the long grass, so E explained to her about grass snakes and adders.

We passed a field of cows, E was not keen on the cows, so I showed them how if you waved your arms and looked menacing the cow would run away. There was also a fence between us and them so no threat really.

probably wondering who the noisy trio were
Bob trying to move the cow away from the fence
We talked about cows turning grass into milk, and that the milk they drink is designed for calves. This progressed onto breast feeding babies, very apt with the twins due.

we saw mould growing on a dead tree

new green pine cones starting to grow

trees hanging with yellow flowers

the housing scheme from the bottom of the hill 

Bob running back up the steep hill 

my ideal property, apart from the oil central heating 

Lots more fun to be had over the summer.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. What a lovely way to spend a summer evening, it's such a beautiful place to explore and enjoy. Thanks for sharing your outdoor exploration with Country Kids.

  2. That is some great countryside you have on your doorstep! Great pictures!

  3. What lovely pictures and the scenery is stunning. Looks like you all enjoyed your walk despite not finding the play park :0) #countrykids


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