Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Gallery - two

What good timing this weeks Gallery theme is for me, I appreciate I already have two fabulous grandchildren, and many pictures of the older two girls together when they were younger, even if they were pinching lumps out of each other, pulling each others hair out or arguing like cat and dog. But instead of digging through archive material  I am giving you the most up to date photo I have of Fifi and Bob.

Today I have to share with you

two grandchildren, holding two more grandchildren, not sure if this counts as two or four, but here are
twin 1 who will be known on the blog as Dinky, and twin 2 who will be known on the blog as Minky.

The due date would be 9th December if baby was a singleton,  but twins usually come earlier.

Why not pop across and join in with this weeks theme. The Gallery is run by Tara over on Sticky Fingers.



  1. Ahhh congratulations on more impending grandchildren! :)

  2. awww massive congrats honey!! twins how exciting! x

  3. That really is exciting news,. Lovely pics of all your Grandchildren...congratulations!!

  4. What a lovely photo, congrats on the new additions you must be so excited!

  5. Oh how exciting! Lovely photo's x


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