Saturday, 15 June 2013

Project 365 9th June to 15th June

Well another busy week at the new house but I have to say it is looking very good and is all beginning to pull together nicely. This weekend task is to get lots of little bits and pieces up there, emptying out kitchen cupboards, taking clothes from wardrobes, ornaments and pictures, contents of bathroom cabinet etc etc so that when the removal men turn up on Tuesday will just be a matter of the removal company moving all the big stuff into place and us refilling them.

Sunday 9th June

There are strawberries on my plant in my hanging basket, lets hope I get to the before the birds do.


Made some rhubarb muffins, and very nice they were too, will put the recipe up one day.


Was sent vouchers to try out this, very nice it was too, review will follow.


Its amazing what you find lying around the top of kitchen cupboards when you wash more than 10 years of grime and stour off of them. This was awarded back in 2000  and I guess should have been handed back in for more names to be added to it. When we get a chance we will hand it back in to the bowling club though I doubt it will be any use to them.


Bob came round to help, here he is enjoying the sun and taking a well earned rest. Note to daughter No1 - there are now spoons and forks on the cutlery draw. (I had bought pot noodles for lunch, then had 1 teaspoon between us to eat


The living room carpets are down and we have taken up a lot of the ornaments and put them in place. On top of the fireplace is a card from my lovely friend Samantha across the road, she also gave us a present each, I will share them with you next week. You can read more about the transformation here


Ok you are getting to see the new house in all its glory, so today  I took a picture of our current  kitchen in the middle of hauling everything out to pack it/chuck it away.

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  1. Moving. The most hideous activity known to man but the joy of being in the new place .....

  2. Good luck with the move..hope you find everything the other end.
    Keep the kettle, cups, tea and milk separate!! ALWAYS time for a cuppa!

  3. never thought about putting strawberries in a hanging basket....great idea!

  4. Everything is taking shape - here's hoping the move goes ok!

  5. the living room looks very spacious and light and i do love that wallpaper. i dont envy you all the packing - i hated doing it before xmas!good luck with it all and i hope hubby is ok x

  6. Good luck with the strawberries!

  7. Good luck with the strawberries. It's a fun sounding week x

  8. Wow your strawberries are coming on really nicely. I got about 6 one year and was so proud! :)

  9. Lovely big living room and I like the photo of Bob taking a well-earned break.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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