Saturday, 29 June 2013

Project 365 23rd June - 29th June 2013

Well this week has been a lot less hectic, the keys for the old house were handed back and the house was organised enough to have the children to stay, and so I have been having fun with them.


I spent the day catching up with housework which had not really been touched all week.  Went for a walk after tea, the scenery is very relaxing.


a bone of contention in our house - junk or useful stuff? Oh is a hoarder and I am a chucker. Whatever description you care to use it is now safely installed in the shed. Along with much more.


whilst waiting for son No1 to come out of the supermarket I saw this little chap going in and out of the bushes.


Had the children tonight, and made the most of the lovely weather. Went for a walk down the woods. You can read more here if you want. 


Fifi went off to school this morning so Bob and I amused ourselves playing Frustration. He struggles with the concept of counting the square I am on as a square and tends to jump over the top, have to remind him every time.


Nice to have time to get into the kitchen and make proper food again. My stomach was seriously starting to object to carry out food and quickly grabbed food. Made diabetic friendly blueberry pancakes.


The drawer unit we had in the living room in the last house was the wrong colour for here, so we bought this coffee table to use instead.

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  1. so glad things have calmed down a little, I am so loving your new furniture x

  2. ooooh you have changed your header again - i like all the photos you have included.
    it must be nice that things have calmed down a bit now after the hectic weeks of moving house and settling in. i am guilty of being a bit of a hoarder too x x

  3. Glad you're settling in ok. I like the coffee table handy having drawers.

    I'm the keeper in our house and he's the chucker!

    1. thats why we bought it, keeps digital cameras a nd computer leads plus a pen or 10 and a pad of paper for when the phone rings

  4. Glad you are settling into your new home (and managing to sort some of the 'junk'!)

  5. I love your new header it is fab!! Great photos, I ha net played Frustration for years I must dig it out of the cupboard

    1. thank you, changed it a month or so ago but didnt like it, so made one that stays true to my blog theme.

  6. I'm sure it's nice to be organised and settled in now - a less hectic week for you!

    1. oh done a lot of little things that make a difference, pictures up, knife racks etc all makes it more homely

  7. Like the new header. Glad you're more settled now.


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