Monday, 24 June 2013

Oven Pride oven cleaner - a review.

a bag for shelves, the liquid and latex gloves
I was sent a sample of Oven Pride complete oven cleaner to review.

As you will probably know I have just moved house and the shelves of the oven were not overly clean, and so this gave me a great opportunity to try the product out.

one of my dirty shelves
So I took the products out of the box and read the instructions on how to use the product. I placed the shelves into the big bag and then poured 3/4's of the liquid into the bag and sealed as per the instructions. I then agitated the liquid over the shelves and put the bag outside the back door. 2 hours later I re-coated the shelves and left them over night.

the dirty liquid
Today I followed the instructions on how to safely remove the shelves from the fluid. There certainly seemed to have been a lot of grime come off the shelves as the liquid had turned very dark coloured.

the shelves out of the bag
 I removed the shelves and have to say at the point I was not overly impressed, they really did not look much cleaner than when they had gone in.

clean shiny shelves

But I placed them in the sink to rinse them and have to say that as I rinsed off the liquid all the cooked on grime wiped off very very easily. The shelves were shining like new.

I was impressed with this product and would recommend it. I have not tried it on the inside of my oven as it was steam cleaned a few weeks back when I was steam cleaning other areas of the house.


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    1. your welcome, we have bought more since and have also got my daughter using it


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