Sunday, 9 June 2013

Project 365 2nd June - 8th June

Well it has been another hectic week, with a lot of time again spent at the new house.

Sunday 2nd June

I have two hours to kill in between shifts at work, and I help to pass this time with my notebook, entering competitions or writing blog posts. I sit in the wee cafeteria run by the WRVS. Sometimes I people watch its quite an interesting pastime.

Monday 3rd

Hubby still undergoing tests, this time it was a blood pressure monitor attached for 24 hrs, taking his blood pressure every 15 mns during the day and every 30 after midnight. We have an appointment on Tuesday to back for the results. No results so far for any of the other tests he has had but maybe on Tuesday she may have more in she has not told us about. He was up at the new house to let the workmen in who were re-erecting the fence on the RHS of the garden so we can get the shed where the fence was lying.


Up at the new house again today, this time OH and Son No.1 were building the base for the shed that was suppose to turn up on Friday. I was finishing off shampooing the carpets and started painting skirting boards and insides of doors.


Never went near the new house, instead after work I chilled, and then went out to the cottage for a while. These were growing in amongst the wild garlic.


Another day spent at the new house.  We turned up at the house to find the shed, that was being delivered on Friday morning as its the only day the company come to Scotland, lying in the front garden. Neighbour tells us it was delivered Wednesday morning at 7am.  The neighbours on the LHS have decided to replace the fence between us and then that is in rather a dilapidated state. But first of all they needed to chop the trees down that have been pushing it over. OH and Son put loft flooring into the loft ready for the boxes to go up.


Today the shed went up, we had people already booked to come and do this. Fifi came up to the new house after school as Bob was at Home Education group and Fifi is too young for a house key, its only for 30 mins but still too long to be left roaming the street. Next school year we will be on hand anyway,


A waste of money or will something worth while come out of it? Will fill it in regardless.


  1. Like the new look by the way. Sounds like you've been very busy on the new house and the garden in particular. Lovely shot of Fifi.

  2. i hope they find out what is wrong with your husband it must be a little worrying for you all. those wild blue flowers are such a pretty colour and your grand daughter is a pretty girl and its nice that you are able to help out after school. x

  3. I like people watching too
    Have fun in your mew home

  4. Wow what a busy week, so much going on. You seem to be making brilliant progress with the new house though. Hope you get some results soon from all the recent tests and all is ok for your hubby.

  5. I hope everything at the new house is going well

  6. Moving house is so stressful!!
    Hope OH BP is hubby had same test recently and the pipe came off the monitor in the middle of the night!!

  7. Sounds like you're having a bit of a mare with the house at the moment, what with the shed and the elusive carpet man! Hopefully now they're both sorted you will get a smooth run. Fingers crossed!

  8. Hope hubby is okay. Very pretty flowers. I love the wild ones.


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