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I received an email from Britmums that in conjunction with - Sign up for our #KidsGrowWild Challenge, and you get a free gardening starter kit for your child worth almost £25. Then get out in the garden, put it (and your kids!) to work and blog about your outdoor experience. 

So I asked Bob if this appealed to him and he said yes please. Back in April I bought him seeds, compost and seed trays to start his seeds off with. He enjoys growing food and so I thought this fitted nicely with what he is already doing. 

The agreement I had with Bob and his mummy was he wrote the post and mummy took the pictures. So the following blog post ( or log post as Bob calls it) is all Bobs own words as dictated to and typed up by mummy. We have not changed his grammar 

Playing with his sister and his swings

This is my garden.  My garden is awesome and really big and has lots of toys.  I like to play in my garden
with my Mummy and Fifi and my friends.  I like to fight the baddies away in my garden.  The best thing I like to do in my garden is growing things.  Growing things is lots of fun.  I like to grow some flowers, but not many, and I like to grow things that I can eat.  Last time, me and T growed potatoes and me and Mummy and Fifi had them for tea and they were the yummiest potatoes ever.

Some nice people knowed that I like to do garden stuff and grow things and they sended me a present for my garden.  My present had lots of things in it. 
My favourite thing in my present was my water can.  My Mummy letted me water all my plants with it.  I watered my peas and my beans and my lettuce and my apple tree and my flowers and I even watered some of my friends garden in the next door.

the sunflower seed

I gotted sunflower seeds in my present too and me and Mummy planted them.  Mummy says they might even
grow bigger than her but she’s silly.
I wored my new gloves but they made my fingers not want to get the seeds so I had to take them off.

watering and weeding my vegetables

I got a fork and a spoon too but Mummy says they not for when I eat my tea so I digged some bad plants out of where my potatoes and carrots are.  My potatoes are getting bigger but my carrots are just tiny still, Mummy says that the bits on top aren’t the good bits and the bits under the ground are the bits that need to grow big.
I had lots of fun with my present, it is awesome!  Mummy says we can plant the other seeds soon when she digged all the bad plants out of the other bit but it’s got lots of bad plants in it so it might take her a long time.

Footnote from Mummy:-
We were sent a children's gardening set from Moneysupermarket to play with.  It contained a watering can, pair of gardening gloves, fork and trowel, a selection of seeds, some plant labels, ideas of things to do to encourage kids into the garden, and a bag to keep it all in.
The bag is a good size, with plenty of space to hold everything, with 8 pockets round the outside to hold tools, seed packets, etc.  The fork, trowel and watering can are a nice size for small hands, sturdy enough to withstand a good amount of use, but not heavy.   The gloves are good quality, thick gloves, however they are a little big for Bob (who admittedly has very small hands) so he found them a bit unwieldy, especially when attempting to pick up the seeds whilst wearing them!
The ideas sheet had some really good ideas, for instance planting seeds in letter shapes so that the flowers will spell the child's name.

Bob has had lots of fun with this set so far, especially the watering can, which has been used daily, including Bob trying to fill the paddling pool with it!

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge in conjunction with


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