Saturday, 15 June 2013

My Flotex carpet from Forbo Flooring approved by Allergy UK

I was asked a few months ago by Allergy UK  if I would like to trial a Flotex carpet made by Forbo flooring, to see if it makes any difference to us.

What is Flotex?

Flotex is a unique hybrid product that brings you all the warmth associated with a carpet, while remaining as cleanable as a hard floor. 100% waterproof and hygenic, everyday splashes and spills can easily be cleaned up, leaving your Flotex looking like new.
Whether you are looking to introduce the natural beauty of wood and stone to your home, make a striking style statement or create a room to simply relax in, Flotex brings you the very best in design choice.
Flotex can also help contribute to a healthier environment within your home. Thanks to its unique construction, which helps to reduce the amount of allergens in the atmosphere, Flotex has been awarded the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval, while its integral anti-microbial treatment Sanitized provides constant protection against a wide range of bacteria. In addition, a 20 year wear guarantee helps to ensure a long and happy product life.

As I was planning on moving there was no point in arranging it for the house I am in, so they agreed to fit it into my new house. So we looked on line at the full range of flooring they had and used their on-line form to send for samples to see which one we preferred. Must say they have one that is designed to look like laminate flooring and we did toss up between that and the one we finally chose.  We chose the cord toffee from the moods range

So this week Gerry Philbin from Victoria Road Carpets in Glasgow came out to fit it for me. Have to say I was very impressed by his professionalism as well as his helpfulness. He took off the cupboard doors for us as they would not open and shut over the carpet once it was fitted. Hoping a friend will lend me a planer to take the bottom off the doors so they can be refitted.

So first off Gerry fitted the sound proof layer, it is fitted to help out with noise that goes down through an upstairs floor.

Next off was a hardboard layer that the carpet is fixed too, goes down in sheets

until the whole floor is covered

Gerry then spread the adhesive that the carpet sticks to

The finished result, right into the cupboards

 Bob testing it out with his train set

Have to say the carpet feels fine, looks brilliant and has a nice tight pile. I will do a further update on this once we have had a chance to see how it behaves.

It also has a 20 year guarantee so should be around for the great grandchildren as well.


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