Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A hedgehog birthday cake.

It was Fifi's birthday on Monday and she has just got into the tradition that her birthday cake is made by grandma. I am not brilliant at the arty side of a cake, but they taste yummy regardless.

We looked at many many cakes that are just amazing and I would love to have the talent to make her something that makes people go WOW and really mean it.....but sadly its not to be.

Somebody asked me earlier on Facebook today to do a breakdown of the making of the cake. It really is dead simple.

Stage 1 make your cake to your favourite recipe. Cook in a casserole dish to get the rounded edges. Make chocolate butter icing.
Once cool cut the top flat and cover the two tops in butter icing.

Put the two flat creamed edges together by placing the two cut edges down on your work area, this will make for a rounded cake on your work area.

Cover the cake in the butter icing.

cut a nose from the trimming of the top of the cake

and add to the front of the cake. Cover in the butter icing. Add raisins or small balls of black ready rolled icing to make eyes and a nose.

Cut matchmakers, I used mint, into six even lengths and stick into the cake to signify spines.
I then surrounded the hedgehog with after eights to signify mud. You can colour dessicated coconut with green food colouring and once dry sprinkle to signify grass. 

Then I added the candles ready for her to blow out. 

VoilĂ  one finished cake. Easy to make and no need for it to be perfect, smooth or symmetrical.


  1. How cute and Haooy a Birthday to them

  2. I love this, it's simple, cute, looks great and I bet it tastes just as good. Well done and thank you for sharing xx


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