Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Happy 11th birthday Fifi.

Gosh how did this happen, how did my children reach the ripe old age of eleven, let alone my granddaughter, it really does make me feel a bit older than my twenty nine years I have to say.

Fifi wanted a party this year, but as the twins are due three days after her birthday it was not really practical. So as a compromise her mum said she could have some fireworks for a few friends followed by some hot chocolate and a slice of birthday cake. We were lucky it stayed dry and wind free which for the middle of November was the best we could hope for.

So her three best friends from school well for this week anyway  along with three other friends all turned up for six o'clock for the fun to begin.

It started with
a pile of fireworks 

and the motley crew

they had fireworks and sparklers 

relaxing during the proceedings 

watching them but trying not to listen

and ended with a Chinese lantern 
preparing the lantern for take off.

the birthday girl gets to let it go. 

When the outside fun was all over it was back inside to

look at the presents

and to cut the birthday cake

the girls with Fifi's name for her wall. 
 They all seem to enjoy themselves, there was a lot of squealing and laughter. Was a brilliant evening and a pleasure to be allowed to share in it.

You can read about the cake making here if you want to try it for yourself. 

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