Monday, 4 November 2013

Braun ExactFit 5 blood pressure monitor - a review

I was sent an e-mail a few months back asking if I would like the opportunity to review a blood pressure monitor. This seem quite appropriate  considering the year hubby has had health wise, he had a monitor on for 24 hrs back in June  and is having to have it done again probably some time this month. We have not wanted to become obsessed by his pressures but it has been handy to use to see what is happening whilst he takes one of his funny turns.

I am not medically qualified and we are not using this in place of good medical advise or in place of his regular check ups. We  are using it to supplement the qualified help we are receiving.

We were sent a Braun exactFit 5 to review.  So what is this machine all about?

Braun ExactFit™ 5 - BP6200
Upper arm blood pressure monitor

  • Professional accuracy - ESH
  • Systolic, Diastolic and pulse measurement
  • Includes two cuff sizes (S/M and X/L) for an accurate reading
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Engineered in Switzerland

  • Fully automatic for reliable  readings
  • Soft inflation for more comfortable measurement

  • Large buttons and easy to read LCD display
  • 2 user memories x60 measurements with time & date
  • Morning and evening average function of past 7 days
  • Automatic switch-off function (after 1 minute idle)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Includes 4 x Duracell AA batteries
  • 3 year warranty
  • WHO compliant blood pressure indicator

When we took it out of the box it was really easy to set up. Pop the batteries in and off we go. We found the small/medium arm bad was big enough for both of us.  The machine itself is small and light weight but remains stable in use. It is compact and easy to store. 

You have a choice of two users so that more than one person in the house can use the machine. The machine remembers your readings for sixty uses, an average months use, and will also give you an average of the last seven days to see how stable your pressure has been. I have seen husband using this some times more than twice a day as he takes some sort of light headed, dizzy spells which make him yawn a lot and he has to sit down and he has wondered if it may be related to his blood pressure, again we will give this information to our GP later this month and see if she can throw any more light on the cause.

To use the machine you simply  slip the cuff onto your arm in the same way as your GP does and press the start button. The cuff inflates and will give you not only your blood pressure but also your pulse rate. We have noticed this has been erratic at times, so again it will be brought up to the GP. The machine has thrown up an irregular heartbeat reading once for my husband.  

To switch between the users you switch off the machine, flick the switch on the front from A to B, and switch the machine back on. The display is large and easily read and is backlit when in use. 

Our verdict - a useful machine to have in the house to supplement the care you are receiving from your GP. 

Disclaimer - we received this product for the purposes of this review but the findings are my own


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