Saturday, 23 November 2013

Project 365 17th - 23rd November

Well I have to say this has been a busy busy week, having had the grandchildren for most of it. Have spent the time with Bob  trying my best to keep him busy and occupied to save him missing his mum too much. He is never away from home more than one night at a time but they were here Wednesday and Thursday all day and then again Friday after we came back from the hospital until Fraser came back to pick them up. We have baked and cooked and much to granddads disgust  we have done messy arts and crafts, making some brilliant Christmas decorations.

Did warn you last week that this week will be over run with baby pictures, and it is.


Had a birthday cake to make for Fifi's birthday party tomorrow. So made a hedgehog with matchmakers for quills and surrounded by  mud made form after eights.

Today was Fifi's eleventh birthday. She had wanted a party but as it was so near to the twins birth date it was too much for her mum to manage. So they agreed on a few fireworks followed by hot chocolate and birthday cake.


Received a hamper of crafting stuff to make decorations with, this was part of the hamper and have become our main decoration.


Bob and I decided to make a start on our Christmas decorations.


Well the twins arrived today. Did a post here with names and weights and such like. I love this picture, this is Bob's first sighting of his brother and sister and I love the way he is looking at them.


Took the children back up to the hospital to see mummy and the babies. Had to laugh at Bob he plonked himself on the bed next to his mum, changed the tv channel to CBBC and sat and watched the tv. Fifi was more fascinated with her sister and was happy to hold her and gaze at her.


Auntie T and Auntie H managed to get down today to see their new nephew and niece. I have to share this one with you, not quite sure what Bob is thinking and I hadn't noticed the look on his face when I took the picture but I have to say it has made me laugh.

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  1. Massive congratulations to you all!! i am heading over to you announcement post now to catch up xxx

  2. awww I love the hedgehog but awwwwwwwwwwwww babies :-)

  3. How totally special and adorable they look! Congratulations to all x

  4. Oh my goodness, what a week for you this week?? The twins are gorgeous and so tiny, lovely to see the pictures of them and the hedgehog cake is gorgeous too.

  5. Congratulations to you. The twins look gorgous.

  6. Wow congratulations to you all, how wonderful :) Love the hedgehog cake xx

  7. Awwwww newborn twins! Gorgeous!

    That hedgehog cake looks delicious!

  8. COngratulations again Granny, they are so gorgeous and Bob's face is a picture!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  9. awwwww congratulations Elaine and family - the twins are beautiful but i do love Bob's face in that final pic lol
    also that hedgehog cake is fab - really clever. x

  10. Ah congratulations! What beautiful babies :) Loving the birthday cake too

  11. Busy week for you then Elaine!! I've commented over on the 'Proud Grandparent' post!
    Love Bob's face on the last one..he's quite a character.

  12. That cake looks fab! And congratulations on the twins! x

  13. congratulations again honey on the birth of the twins xx


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