Tuesday, 5 November 2013

We had visitors over for dinner.

Friends of ours were up from London last week, and so we invited them over for dinner, its been a long while since we have had chance to relax and enjoy their company and catch up on normal things.

I had been sent a piece of beef to try, and so I decided what better an opportunity then when I have over some guest? We were sent a piece of Grand Reserve English French Trim Rib of Beef Roasting Joint from Country Valley foods. 

it comes vacuum sealed, fresh,and freezable
Country Valley's Grand Reserve English French Trim Rib of Beef Roasting Joint is available for home delivery to you.
Grand Reserve is Country Valley's own premium beef brand.  Beef is sourced from a select group of local farmers, including Robin Hirst of Neasham Grange Farm only 3 miles from Country Valley's Darlington factory.  Beef is matured for extra tenderness.
An impressive looking joint, the French Trim Rib of Beef Roasting Joint is on the bone and with fat marbling for a delicious juicy taste.
Impress your guests with this fantastic looking joint!
Available in 3 weights - 1kg joint to feed 4-8 people; 2kg joint to feed 8-12 people and 3kg joint to feed 12-18 people.

the start weight
So having defrosted the meat, I received it a few weeks ago, I popped it into the slow cooker, poured over a bottle of ale,and turned it onto high for an hour. I then peeled some onions
in the slow cooker with carrots and onions. 
and carrots and popped them in whole. Cooked for a further six hours on medium. I served the meat with roast potatoes, roast sweet potatoes, butternut squash and harlequin squash that had been peeled and sliced tossed in seasoned oil and cooked in the oven with the potatoes.

the cooked weight, as per any good meat some shrinkage 

The meat was delicious, soft and tender, full of flavour, easy to carve, and a pure pleasure to eat. We served up four very generous servings and used less than half the meat. Had I been using this for say Christmas Day along with a starter and a dessert I would reckon I would easily get twelve adult sized servings out of it or eight adults and six to eight children. I feel this would make a great alternative for people like us that don't do turkey at very reasonable cost per head.

Have to admit our portions were much more generous than this, this was for photographic purposes only.

Disclaimer we were sent the meat for the purposes of this review, but the recipe idea and enjoyment of the product was all my own.

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