Thursday, 21 November 2013

Warning......proud grandparent baby picture overload

I am proud to present Minky and Dinky.

Minky, given name Alexander Clarke McLeod (going to be called Xander)  was born at 9.42 am weighing 5lb 9 oz.

Dinky, given name Charlotte Rose Mcleod (going to be called Lottie) was born at 9.44am weighing 6lb 3 oz.

There is a distinct size difference in them, easy to tell who is who.

Bob meets the twins - Minky is on the left

Daughter was kept in the labour suite until 7pm tonight as they were worried about her bleeding. Mother and both babies doing well, both babies taken to feeding as well.

Dinky has curly hair

Bob and Fifi are over the moon with them, Bob had a cuddle with his brother but then went and sat with mum. Fifi had a cuddle with both babies.

Dinky with Fifi

Fifi and Minky covering his face

Me and the other Granddad (Papa) 

cuddles with Mummy

Fraser changing Dinky's nappy

Granny and Papa with Minky

Fifi with Dinky

Papa with Minky

Granny and Papa with Dinky

Minky holding my finger

Bob and Minky. 

Fifi and Bob are wearing I am a big brother/sister badge that Granny and Papa (the other grandparents) got for them.


  1. Congratulations on your beautiful new additions xx

  2. Wonderful pictures of all of your lovely, lovely family! Congrats to Mum and Dad and to all four very proud grandparents! :D

  3. Congratulations! They are simply adorable x

  4. Oh Elaine how precious, you lucky lucky family to have double the fun and love arrive to join your family. Gorgeous photos and beautiful children, all 4 of them. x

    1. thank you, and yes we are very blessed to have all of the grandchildren, but too together is exciting time

  5. So, so, SO pleased for all of you!!!!! Aw..... Minky and Dinky is a very cute little set of names too (And so are the real names!) They look absolutely perfect and mum looks really well. Great weights for twins and I'm genuinely over the moon for your family. Huge congratulations! :O) xxxx Kay

  6. COngratulations Elaine, that is brilliant news! Isn't your daughter a clever person growing two wonderful babies!

  7. congrats they are gorgeous just so adorable :) x

  8. Massive congratulations to you all!! i am sending all the love and best wishes in the world xx

  9. Congratulations to you all. Glad they arrived safe and sound.
    I like the 'strong' names that were chosen for them.

  10. Absolutely adorable! The names are beautiful too, although it looks as though 'dinky' should have been given to Xander, not Lottie! Have loads of fun :)

  11. Congratulations beautiful photos :-) x


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