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How To Handle Your Child’s Computer Addiction

There's a high chance your child could end up addicted to social media sites. It's not just social media that's the problem; there's also a wide range of forums and games available via Smartphones that your children can get addicted to. We live in an electronic world where Computer is the norm for children.    

There's no doubt that the Internet can have many benefits. However, these benefits are quickly being overtaken by the potential risks involved. The question is how can you deal with this issue as a parent? The good news is there are some websites out there dedicated to helping parents deal with technological problems that their children might face. is one of the best places to learn about how computer’s effects your child’s online behaviour and it provides useful, up to date advice for parents, by other parents and experts in the field.    

If parents are really honest with themselves, Computer has been a blessing for them in terms of keeping their kids entertained. It's hard work trying to get the daily chores done while keeping an eye on your kids. So when they're sitting quietly, entertaining themselves on the computer it's easy to just let them get on with it. Technology has overtaken a lot of other family activities. Think about how many times you've been on day trips with the family this year. When was the last time you actually read books with your kids?    

When was the last time you went to see a movie with your kids? These days it's considered to be really uncool for teenagers to go to the cinema with their parents. If you spend a lot of time with your kids, doing things in the real world rather than online then you can stop reading now. However, if you find that your family has been taken over by a more virtual world, now is the time to do something about it.      The trouble is our kids are now listening to TV programs that create a negative image of adults and other kids. They learn that adults are uncool, teachers often can't control their classes and students are considered popular and cool if they answer back in class. They start to learn that kids are considered smart, while adults should be abused. With this strong stereotyping hammered into our child's minds, how can we as parents educate them differently?  

Many young people are now put off becoming teachers because of the reputation these types of programs are giving them. The increase in the amount of satellite cartoon channels has only made the problem worse. The trouble is, the majority of these programs are aged at children aged 1-5. They teach your kids that the bigger your weapons are, the more likely it is that you'll get far in life. The content they are being exposed to is truly shocking at times.     

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Think about how TV has changed. Remember Tom and Jerry and Tweetie Pie? They taught kids that the little guy always wins because he's clever. They overcome the bullies without using weapons.

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