Saturday, 2 November 2013

Lemon meringue cakes

with curd on top
When I was shopping the other day I happened to see a cake mix for lemon meringue sponges. Didn't look overly close as I don't buy that sort of thing but thought the idea sounded yummy, so I decided to give them a go in my own fashion.So I made a bog standard sponge cake mix and half filled half a dozen cake cases, added some lemon curd to the middle and then topped with more cake mix and then another layer of lemon curd. Just make sure you seal all you edges or the curd will escape and stick to the cake tin.  As this was experimental  the other six I just topped with lemon curd, with none in the middle. 

topped with meringue
I then made up meringue, wasn't a lot as I realised I only had one egg left, and added meringue to the top of nine of them as that was all I had enough for and topped the other three with coconut

sprinkled with coconut
Cooked them for approx 25 mins at 150oC as I did not want to burn the meringue.


Have to say they were nice and moist and that little bit different. The ones with the curd in the middle had the extra bite but I suppose the ones with the curd just on top were more in keeping in line with lemon meringue pie.

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