Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Daffodils for Freddie - a 4th birthday that isn't

I consider myself to be one lucky lady, surrounded by not only my children by also by my grandchildren and I think there is nothing more wonderful. I love watching them grow and develop, but no everybody is so fortunate.

So when I saw a blogger friend was looking for people to join in with a blog hop by way of remembering what would have been her son Freddie's 4th birthday I wanted to show my support and join in.

Now we are not artistic and my cake decorating skills leave a lot to be desired, fine for everyday use but not good enough for what I wanted.

Fifi putting in the flowers

So knowing this needed some preparation Fifi and I set this up twelve days ago. First off all I had picked some daffodils when I was out for a walk.

the colour in the cups

bags in the vase
We set up three cups with plastic bags in which to add the coloured water. Then we chose three colours of food colouring, Fifi opted for red, green and blue, and we added the colouring to the water. We then closed each of the bags up with an elastic band and placed them into a vase.

some took up more colour than others

After a week the blue daffodils had soaked up the colour and looked very impressive. But for some strange reason neither the green or the red worked. I have no idea why, I used the same make and type of colouring for them all, but such is nature I suppose.


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