Saturday, 26 April 2014

Run wild run free at Auchincruive

Daughter No1 phoned on Monday evening to say she was taking the kids out for a run did I want to come. Well it was a lovely evening, and so as Auchencruive is only a few miles away we decided to go there instead of driving through the town at tea time on a bank holiday to go to the beach. My daughter also admits to never having been to Auchincruive, we have loved it and walked it for years.

So we set off for the short drive. We parked up at the vets end, it is too complicated to get to the river walk now since it was bought over a few months back and the new owners have built fences everywhere.

The children were like a pair of cows that had been cooped up in a barn all winter and set free, running off and bouncing in all directions. The majority of the time we were there they spent climbing trees.or on Bob's case trying to climb trees. I know he has just turned eight, but he seems to struggle with the concept of how to climb.

I kept having to instruct him on keep to the trunk, move your feet, keep your tongue in, and dont get your arms up and behind you else you will dislocate your shoulder.

tongue out and arms at the back

starting on the lower trees

with much instruction to get this high

 Fifi proceeded to tell us that she has only ever fallen out of a tree once, less then two minutes later she was lying in a scratched heap on the ground. Luckily she hadn't really hurt much other than her pride, but we did laugh at her afterwards.

posing in the tree

 Sometimes they make you wonder, here he is trying to decide whether he can jump or not, it was approx two feet high from where he is sitting, if that, he stands on his bed and jumps and its over three feet tall.

will I jump or wont I? 

along rather than up

doing gymnastics

At one point they decided to play hide and seek. Again Bob struggles with the concept of this, he still seems to think if he hides behind his hands you wont see him. He "hid" approx three feet away from where his sister was counting. Of course Fifi hides properly, so Bob got himself very frustrated and angry cos he could not find his sister. She had gone into one of the low bushes, when we shouted for her to come out she was stuck, she couldn't get back out!! We did rescue her.

Bob looking for Fifi

There are also some very beautiful trees and flowers out at the moment.

prickly tuplis

a small fly on the tulip

Fifi's favourite a purple tulip

my favourite, a red and white one

hugh rhododendron trees/bushes?  

a  pink rhododendron 

Fifi showing the twins the tulips

The two of them had a great time, enjoyed the freedom and the something different to do. 

Poor little Dinky was all snotty and gunky and struggling to breath, not a happy bunny at all. Mummy ended up having to take them to A&E on Tuesday as Dinky was struggling to breath. The both have bronchiolitis so there poor mummy has had little sleep this week. He is a few days behind her. I would take them for half a day or overnight to let her get some sleep but as they are still breast fed then its not possible. 

the gruesome twosome. 

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  1. Sorry to hear about the illness - hoping for full recovery very soon! Climbing trees looks great fun and those unusual prickly tulips are stunning! #countrykids

  2. What a wonderful evening, climbing in the trees and admiring the scent of the tulips is such a lovely thing to do on a Spring evening. I love seeing The Boy try to work out how to climb a tree, testing his ability and building his confidence.

    Nipping over from Country Kids.

  3. Amazing weather. Looks like everyone had fun. And those flowers nacro shots are soooooooooooo awesome. #countrykids

  4. The poor little twins - I do hope they feel better very soon. A great trip out enjoying the gorgeous spring flowers and some great games of hide and seek and climbing trees. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.


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