Saturday, 5 April 2014

Project 365 - week 14 - 30th March - 5th April.

Sunday was a right off of a day, gone before I knew it. Not that I am complaining.  Normally when I work I do my own shift, have a two hour break, and then do an overtime back shift. On Sunday I was asked to go from my shift straight onto an overtime shift, no break in the middle. Hard going, but at least I got paid for the two hours, so much better than sitting around. Means time I got home all I did was shower, eat toast and crash on the couch in front of the tv.

sat with my feet up watching Antiques Roadshow 


Daughter No1 brought the four grandchildren round after tea tonight. They brought round my Mothers Day card and a present. They were swimming until half seven on Sunday, and I was working so they brought me round a lovely Winnie the Pooh card ( well where do you think my twitter name came from?) and a potted flower that should last all Summer.

I like that Fifi had written inside the card-thank you or always being there for us, I am just thankful I am near enough to do so.

with my card and flower

The lighthouse minus the fence

Had a GP appointment this morning, an annual asthma check up, imo a total waste of time, but if I want to keep receiving my medication I have to attend. While I was there I mentioned the hassles I am having with food intolerances and how some are starting to border more on allergies. I have to keep a food chart and go back and see them. After we had been in we went for a wander round the town and then for a walk along the beach. Went to see the new lighthouse now it is finished, saddened to see it has already got its first graffiti.


my rash
Not sure what I have eaten, but something seriously did not like me. My face swelled up, developed a rash and was burning hot and itching. My tongue and lips felt like they had pins and needles. Took antihistamines to no avail, so took steroids and more antihistamines the next morning. Also went and bought some cream from the pharmacy to try and take out the itch and heat. Calmed down by about three. Only two things I ate different were melon ( which I have eaten in the past) and sour dough bread which I have never tried before. May never know what the cause was.  To think I passed this trait on to my daughter who in turn passed it on to poor Bob.


The children wanted pancakes for tea. We had normal ones, Bob had his own. Fifi decided to make hers into a rabbit shape and asked me to make it picture of the day. So here is Fifi's rabbit. She used a circle cutter for the head, squashed a raspberry yo colour the ears, used raspberries for the eyes and cut up pieces of strawberry for the nose and mouth. Then put some of the strawberry tops round the side to look like grass.

Fifi's pancake rabbit


Was round visiting a friend earlier today, who last week received two very nice bunches of flowers for Mothers Day, but she is going away today for a weeks holiday. So rather than let her flowers die off with nobody there to enjoy them she sent them home with me.

one of the flowers


Sent hubby a text at 11.30 to say I was staying on at work till 7pm. So he kindly had tea ready for me coming out of the shower. Yum yum.

mince tatties and veg

For those of you who may have missed the twins in this weeks pictures, there is an update for pictures from March on my blog here, and the video at the end is hilarious.

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  1. Love the rabbit pancake, and the lighthouse looks lovely - shame about the grafitti though :(

  2. Hope whatever the reaction was has gone now!! great round up x

  3. Hope your face is better now

  4. Awe, your face looked sore. I hope it's better now?! x

  5. I am LOVING your living room wallpaper honey!!

    i do hope your face is not as swollen now and that its going/gone. my sister had something similar and never got to the bottom of it either!

    have a good week x

  6. Absolutely loving that flower pic......oh poor you, your face does look sore! Hope its all gone down now.

  7. Ah mince and tatties, canny beat it. Yours is really posh with all that veg. Loving the grass around the rabbit pancake very clever. Hope your allergic reaction has cleared up, not good!

  8. lovely rabbit pancake Fifi is very creative. and poor you with the food allergy reaction - must be hard when you eat something and get such a reaction :(
    hope it has all cleared now x

  9. Oh no hope you don't get the reaction again, it must have been worrying! Hope you have a great week x #project365

  10. Oh wow, your poor face, hope its calmed down now. That pancake looks so cute #365

  11. Loving that rabbit shaped pancake there. Hope your rash has cleared now, too x

  12. Sounds like a busy week. Hope that reaction doesn't come back again.

  13. Having intolerance / allergies must be horrid. Hope your food diary shows up what is affecting you.
    I like the piccie with your feet up after a hard day. Sounds like you deserved the rest!

  14. Hope your face is better now! I adore the pancake so sweet x


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