Saturday, 12 April 2014

Project 365 week 15 - 6th - 12th April


A great start to the day. I make my own yoghurt, a litre at the time and store it in a large tub in the fridge. I took it out the fridge this morning.....and promptly dropped it on the floor.As a seasoned 365'er what else could I do but photograph it before I cleaned it up


We never got chance last year to plant anything in the garden with moving house in June. I had big plans for this garden but sadly they are not going to pan out the way we hoped. The garden is not dig-able,the bit we wanted to use has bricks and chunks of rock in it. We have two choices here, a raised bed or leave it till we can afford chickens and put them on it, time will tell which we go with. 

So when I was offered some gardening products from Wilko I chose bags for the potatoes, veg and strawberries to grow in as these can sit on the slabs at the bottom end of the garden. Hopefully next door will have their fence back up so that I can put up nets and canes for them to grow up. 


We picked up Daughter No3 and went off to visit a friend who recently moved to the far side of Stirling. 
We went for a walk round Woodhill Wood while we were there. Didn't have time to go round all of it but it was very pretty. 

Had to chuckle, the sun was out and so OH and Daughter decided to make shadow puppets....never to old...


Had been asked by a friend if I would give crochet lessons at the over 55 club that meets once a month in the local Salvation Army hall. So I went along today, met some very friendly people and started three of them off on hopefully their new hobby. Was a learning curve for me so have decided before I go back that I will make up some small examples of  varying stitches so that they can see what they are aiming at, and also going to print off some basic stitch instructions as well so they can take the equipment home and practice. 

Here are three of the ladies during our wee tea break. I won a spot prize as did the lady in the white top. 


I had baked cakes for the children earlier today. The plan was they were going to design an Easter egg to decorate the top of their cakes with. But when I picked them up as it was such a lovely afternoon we decided to go for a walk, they were offered Failford or Auchencruive, they chose the latter.

But when we got there we decided on the spur of the moment to try geocaching. The kids loved it, we walked for nearly three hours, so needless to say the cakes were not decorated. You can read our post here if you wish to. They want to go back and do some more. will need to check my data useage but if I have enough may well go on Tuesday weather permitting. 

they found three caches


As I had made the cakes for them to decorate, I had them back tonight to decorate them instead. I had given them a paper egg shape last night and asked them to design their own egg shape to go on their cake. Next Thursday is Bob's birthday so he wont be over to stay then which is why we have made them this week. 


Away to work for another long shift, very few opportunities will present themselves during the day so here you have my typical breakfast. 

peppermint tea and shreddies with blueberries and yoghurt

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  1. Oh no at the dropped yogurt - how frustating! I look forward to seeing how your fruit and veg grows, and the cakes look lovely :)

  2. Those cakes look fab and we have to try geocaching, R went with a friend last year and loved it. That greenhouse looks good - is that a Wilko one, it looks like the sort of thing I need for the garden

    1. yes they had a lot of choice, but liked this one as it has the shelves as well as a tall space with separate doors for getting in to each side

  3. Such a shame about the yoghurt, hope it didn't take too long to clear up. Be interested to see how your veg growing goes. We must try geocaching, looks like lots of fun. Those shadow photos are great :)

  4. Happy birthday to Bob - great job.

    Oops at the yogurt! Sounds like something I'd do.... I'm so clumsy x

  5. great cakes, hope you found the time to make more yoghurt x

  6. eeek to the yogurt - i often have episodes like that with ketchup, cream and yogurt! sooooo annoying isnt it?
    the cakes are very creative and a lovely idea and i hope your garden grows well (well the new crops at least!)
    My OH wants us to try geo caching and i am looking forward to it xx

  7. Whoops to that yoghurt spillage! I bet you didn't just say whoops though hey?! The cakes look yummy and geocaching sounds interesting! #365

  8. Oh no to the spilled yogurt :/... we must try Geo-caching with the kids, i think there would enjoy it... their uncle absolutely loves it, he goes all over the country :) x

  9. Oh no, bad news about the yoghurt and how frustrating! We really need to try geo-caching soon, and we also need to get our seeds planted or we won't be growing anything again for the third year.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  10. I keep meaning to take H geocaching. I think he'd love it - it looks so much fun.

  11. Such a shame about the yoghurt! The cakes look fun and I love the shadow photo.

  12. honey how gutting after making the yoghurt to then have it drop on the floor!

    I must admit i dont eat enough fruit but your breakfast looks yum so will have to try it in cereals x

  13. Good luck with the seeds, ours are really coming on now, we love growing as much as we can! The kids cakes look yummy :-) have a lovely week x #project365

  14. Looks a good week with the exception of the yogurt. Love the shadow picture x

  15. The cakes look great. Fab job with the geocaching. I love the shadow puppets photo.

  16. Great effort with the cake decorating. :)
    I've grown strawberries and cherry tomatoes in my hanging baskets.
    Good luck with the planting :)


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