Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hot Wheels track builder system.

Bob loves cars and car tracks, and so when we were asked by Hot Wheels to review the new Hot Wheels Track Builder System; 4-Lane Tower Starter Set how could we have said no? 

the starter kit
Product Description
This super tower delivers higher thrills! For more creative and captivating racing, this starter set offers 'do it yourself' fun for boys and includes a full play pattern. Race five cars in four different directions! (one car is included; others sold separately, subject to availability). Brave sky-high ramps, jump through flames and compete in a furious side-by-side race. The cool set features multiple places for even more tracks to connect (sold separately). It's a visual spectacle of steep hills, diverse action and an entire Hot Wheels system unto itself!

the main tower can take five tracks.

The starter kit allows for 2 cars to race down the track (only one car is supplied)  to see which one wins. It is operated by simply pressing the large red flame shape on top of the track. This button releases any other cars you may have on the other starting points.

Tracks can be attached to as many or as few of these as you like.
Despite the blurb from Hot Wheels, girls can have as much fin as boys with this - a pet hate of mine is toys that are described for one sex or the other, in our modern enlightened age toys are unisex!!

RRP for this set is £21.99

The first car to the bottom triggers the flag so you know who has won. This got my two competitive seeing who could win the most. It also brought in science with them working out did heavier cars run faster than light ones, as they worked their way through the car box testing them all out.

and afterwards shows you which car won. 

the flag is set ready for the race

We also received a track builder dare devil drop
 On this Daredevil Drop, you had better watch out below! Freefall in an insane drop down the ramp and race across the track to leap through a ring of "fire!" Watch out! There's another car on the track ready to knock you off course! If you can dream it, you can build it with Track Builder! Each sold separately, subject to availability. Ages 3 and older.

So we put them together, the children managed to help with this, it does require a bit of strength in your hands but as each piece really fits anywhere there is not right or wrong on layout. Bob did struggle when trying to get them apart to redesign into a different layout but Fifi could manage.

The car on the dare devil drop is triggered by the other cars, they run across a button which activates the car to fall.

the drop at the bottom of the main track

 Many different lay outs are possible , here the drop is connected to the side of the main track.

you can see the yellow flames on the single track
 They had fun retrieving the cars after they had raced them to see who won.

Here that have the drop at 180 degrees to the main track This dare devil drop is part of the Hot Wheels Deluxe Stunt Assortment  and has an RRP of £9.99

 Both the children enjoyed playing with the tracks and got quite competitive over  either who's triggered the flag or who's went the furthest. I liked that this is quick and easy to set up and means we do not have to keep it assembled.

You will find these, and other Hot Wheels sets at Argos, Tesco and Toys R Us

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