Friday, 4 April 2014

Coconut Flour Raspberry Pancakes GF, DF, EF, WF, NF

One of the staples the children like is pancakes for tea. Mummy has not mastered them to this extent yet and so they ask for them here quite often.

I had no egg replacer and no dove farm GF flour but managed them none the less.

Quantities and guesstimates as we don't measure for pancakes

1/2 pint rice milk
1 well mashed banana ( as egg replacer)
enough coconut flour to make the desired consistency.

You need to be careful when adding coconut flour as it soaks in liquids and expands much more than any other flour I have ever used. So go easy with it and give it ten seconds or so to soak in before you add more, or you will need to add more milk.

Cook in a preheated pan with a small amount of oil in. Add a few raspberries to the top of each while mixture still soft.

Note with these having banana in they appear to be soggy in the middle. I usually let them cook away gently until all the bubbles have finished rising so you know they are cooked through. Then turn over  for thirty seconds or so if you want the top browning.

fun as a gran


  1. These look lovely, and I will definitely try them for the little one when I make pancakes for the rest of us. Pinning now! Mel


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