Saturday, 19 April 2014

Project 365 week 16 13th - 19th April

Been a nice week weather wise, have had some lovely blue skies this week, but have also had frost on the car a few mornings as the nice days have been followed by cold cold nights.


This was the very first cross stitch I ever made and hubby dug it out the loft last week and it is now up on the wall.


Had Bob tonight as it is his birthday on Thursday and he does not want to stay Thursday night. So as it was such a beautiful evening we went to Auchencruive for a walk and to do some more is very addictive. Here he is jumping down the steps towards the river. We found two of the three we looked for. Somebody has also put one in our home town, so we have been and found that as well.


Was a nice morning, and so Bob and I went out to the garden to plant seeds. We are growing vegetables this year, hopefully, and this was the start. You can read more of our fun here. Thank goodness for the greenhouse as the frosts wont be the best start for them.


OH has been out cleaning the slabs so that I can utilise them for vegetable bags and plant pots once the seeds get bigger as we don't have any usable garden as such.


Today is Bob's birthday, that is him eight now. He had asked for a one eyed minion cake, so thats what I made him. He was over the moon with it. You can see the step by step instructions here as well as a better picture of the finished cake. 


Was messing around in the garden with the camera today, trying to get a picture of the day. Have to say I noticed the reflection in the kitchen window and thought it made a nice picture.


Here is daughter No2, just before she left the house at 6.30 am this morning, to pick Fifi up and take her swimming.

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  1. Awe. Looks like Bob had a lovely birthday! That cake is cool! :) x #365

  2. Sounds like a fun week. That cake looks fab :)

  3. So funny, my boy and your Bob have the same birthday, except my boy just turned 7, love Bob's cake that one eye is hilarious :)

  4. great birthday cake Elaine and i hope your grandson enjoyed his 8th birthday! i like the gardening photo taken through the handle of the power washer - nice to see someone hard at work lol and green fingers crossed that the seedlings that Bob has planted grow well x

  5. What a fab week, loving that cake

  6. Love Bob's face - looks like he can't wait to tuck in.
    I like your cross stitch picture.
    Good to see veggie planting, sure they'll be fine in bags. I've grown tomatoes and chillies in hanging baskets.

  7. Glad geocaching was a success. He looks very pleased with his cake!

  8. Happy birthday to Bob, hope he liked his fabulous cake, you are such a good nanny!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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