Friday 30 May 2014

Geocaching along the river walk.

On Thursday as usual I had the children over. We wanted to go and leave another cache in memory of Shorty Dog, we left one at the start of the week but wanted to leave a few others. So we thought we would kill two birds with one stone and collect some caches with the children while we were at it. 

The evenings are just to nice to sit in and they really are enjoying this new found hobby.

There is a whole series of them that runs round the estate, starting at one end of the river walk, up and round the estate, and back to the beginning. But this walk is over five miles, and as when we are caching we cover just over a mile an hour with the children time we stop and look and sign the log book then I thought the whole route would be too much as well as take too long. 

So we decided the easiest way to do this was to get granddad to drop us at one end, take the car to the other end, and walk towards us and meet us to join in with the fun. This meant we only had to walk the children one way, meaning we only had to cover two miles with them. 

So we got dropped off and started our walk. These photos are in no particular order as I do not want to give away the locations of the caches. 

four feet up
  I had to go in first and tread down the nettles down as some of them were nearly as high as poor Bob. This one we hunted and hunted for, but to no avail, and we had decided to give up and move on to the next one, As we turned round to go back down to the path when Fifi spotted something that didn't look quite right up the tree, and hey presto there it was, green and screwed to the tree with a tiny camouflaged test tube in. Good spot Fifi.

Fifi got stung  at this one, another small test tube, camouflaged with magnets on, and stuck to the bottom of the cable.

Here they are running off down the road towards another cache. They were so intent on getting there Fifi even ignored the horses.

I guess this tree is marked for chopping down, maybe for the refurbished bridge.

This use to be a metallic bridge, it was rusty fifteen years ago, but has now been closed for safety reasons.

Another small one in a tub up a tree

We stopped off to play throwing stones in the river. They were seeing who could get one right across to the other side.

They dug under tree roots to find this one.

We also did some bug hunting. When I was placing the cache for Shorty Dog I came out with a small green caterpillar on my sleeve so it went into the tub for inspection. They were amazed at the eyes on it.

We didn't manage to find the one at this bridge, we did find a few trolls but no cache.

When we were at the dam last night, or what was the dam until they removed it a few years back. When the children were young this was a favourite swimming hole and it had a deep bit that generations of locals have jumped into.

Had to laugh while we were at the dam a couple of people came along with their dog. The children were throwing stones in to the water and the dog was chasing the stones to retrieve them, and it was not for leaving the river and carrying on with its walk.

The children at the old toll gates in Darvel where we started our walk.

This was the cache we made up for Shorty Dog

and where we left it, hidden round here.

This tree made us chuckle, somebody has been artistic. The children had run on ahead at this point so didn't want to shout them back just for the sake of a picture.

This was another of the cache, very cleverly disguised, this one was spotted by granddad.

Two hours of fun walking two miles, a bag of chips each and then home. 

This is something every one of you can try over the school holidays. Go to and click on "find my location" and see what is available in your area. Its free and fun. 

fun as a gran
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  1. Love the idea of your shorty dog caches - it must be exciting waiting to see who finds them :)

  2. What a great adventure! They were very persistent. I have trouble finding the small caches.

  3. Aww this is so awesome! I wish we will have a chance to look for that cache! #countrykids

  4. Looks like you all had a nice day :-)

  5. There's no stopping you now, you are all becoming quite the experts at locating these. What a beautiful place for a walk and some geocaching fun too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  6. Great you guys are having so much fun with this!


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