Saturday 31 May 2014

Project 365 25th - 31st May week 22

Well that's us at the end of May, been a fairly nice month weather wise and been and out about with the children quite a bit, its much  nicer when it doesn't rain.


This clock is twenty years old this week. It was presented to me by friends when I left the urban aid project I was a volunteer in. It was a great project, offered groups to all age groups. I think the clubs we ran during the school holidays for an average of a hundred and fifty children each session staffed by an average of eight adult volunteers was the most fun. I got to compère one show that we put on dressed as Andy Pandy, and we did Thriller by Michael Jackson as one of the songs. We dressed all the children up as characters from the video, complete with the hair and make up.  We did get some funny looks when we took them to the chip shop later on still in costume, happy days.

engraved with my name and the date on top


Had taken a wander round to daughter's house. Love Dinkys hair style!!

love her shadow behind her


Today we took the geocaching experience one step further and placed our first cache. It was placed in remembrance of Shorty Dog who passed away two years ago. I did a post on the experience here if you want a read. You can follow the cache and see who has found it here if you wish

the contents of the cache


This is the day daughter brings the twins round while the other two are at Guides and Cub's. Here is Minky sat on Granddads knee playing with a toy. He has a tickly spot and if you tickle him he giggles and giggles, so cute.


On Thursday we went to place our second cache in memory of Shorty, and decided to do some caching while we were at it. The children love it and like to hunt and try and work out the location. Fifi did really well finding them. Did a blog post on our evening here. They also got chance to throw stones in the river. You can follow this cache here if you want to see who finds it.

splash, nearly at the other side


When commenting on Jenny's 365 last week I also read and commenting on another post. Her Mars Bar flapjacks  look very nice, and a great way to get oats into hubby. Oats are a great slow release carb, so go ideal with the quick release sugar in the Mars Bar. I added some sultanas for something a bit different. These were delicious, and I will make them again.

mars bar flapjacks with added sultanas.


Got a shout from Tots100 to see if I wanted a bedroom in a box from Dulux. Bob picked the jungle theme, it turned up nice and quick. My project this week will be helping to sort Bob's room so we can empty most of it out ready. Comes with the wall frieze in twelve sections, the paste to apply it with, paint for the walls and the woodwork as well as brushes. A great concept.


  1. Awesome week. We have also got a bedroom in a box so I'll be doing that in the coming weeks

  2. Lovely memories to go with your clock. Dinky hair is very cute! The bedroom in a box looks like a great idea.

  3. Oooh, I saw the mars bars flapjacks mentioned too, they look rather good! The bedroom in a box looks like a good idea, be nice to see how it looks when done :)

  4. Have fun with bedroom in a box. It does look fun

  5. We are awaiting our bedroom in a box too. Love Dinky's hairstyle lol #365

  6. Lovely how the clock brings so many lovely memories. And well done on doing your own cache!

  7. The the river photo and the story behind the clock, what a lovely gift.

  8. looking forward to seeing how you get on with a bedroom in a box honey, well done of placing your first caches x

  9. Look forward to seeing Bob's room when it's done. Setting up your own geocache will add to the fun.

  10. Looks great fun placing your geocache and so sweet that it's in memory of Shorty dog. Your flapjacks look really moist and yummy

  11. Wow, the Geocaching has really taken off in your family. We've still not tried it! Love the pics of the twins #365

  12. The Dulux room in a box look fab! Lovely pictures, have a great week x

  13. Love the look of bedroom in a box, the twins are growing fast & sounds like you're really into geocaching now! We haven't been in a long time but husband loves it x

  14. oooh firstly thank you foir mentioning my Mars Bar flapjacks and I hope they tasted nice? I am always flattered whenever someone tries out one of my recipes so thank you Elaine.
    and i loved readign the story bejind your clock - sounds like a great time in your life full of special memories.
    i am really curious about the bedroom in the box - i am off to google that now as i want to decorate the playroom and this might be the perfect solution. x

  15. Good luck with the bedroom in a box - will be interested to see the results #365

  16. Lovely clock! My parents have one like that but it stopped working! That bedroom in the box looks fab! Cant wait to see the end results

  17. The clock took me right back as my grandparents had one just like that on their mantelpiece. The flapjacks look nice, I love Jenny's recipes. I have never heard of bedroom in a box, sounds interesting


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