Friday 23 May 2014

Lemonade and coconut cream fruit scones.

I had seen a discussion on a closed Facebook group the other week with somebody looking for allergy free scones that rise and taste ok. A fellow follower Michelle came up with a recipe for these and she gave me permission to share it on here.

So I give you nice and simple egg/dairy/gluten/soya/nut free scones.

The lemonade helps them to rise and the coconut cream gives them a nice flavour.  I added raisins to them that had been soaked for an hour in a cup of tea. But you could add herbs and cheese if you would prefer a savoury scone.


coconut cream and lemonade

1 cup lemonade, 
1 cup coconut cream ( not whipped),
 3 1/2 cups  G/F self raising flour ( May need more or less )


Mix together coconut cream and lemonade ( I used diet). 
mixed together 

Add flour to a bowl, stir through the raisins.  Pour the liquid into the flour and mix together to form soft but not sticky dough.

 Roll out to 1 inch thick and cut out as desired.Bob chose gingerbread men. 
 Bake on parchment lined tray at 180°C for 20 mins.

We ate them as was but you could cut and spread them with dairy free butter and jam. 

We loved the flavour and richness that the coconut cream gave to them.

fun as a gran

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