Friday, 29 July 2011

allotment update - end July

The allotment is coming along, quite quite slowly, but I see a difference from my report at the end of last month. Things are beginning to grow, and we may yet get a harvest worth having. Talking to jack with the garden over th back and he is saying how poor all his stuff is doing as well. We feed and water regularly, use appropriate pest control, so doing all we can to help things a long. Even the weeds are doing miserably, last year we were pulling thick chic weed out every week just about, this year it is taking a month to grow the same, not that I am complaining.

The potatoes are not doing brilliant, some have died back but produced very little in return
 The lettuce are doing great
 as is his purple pal
 The row of original  lettuce
 The sweetcorn that went it just 2 weeks ago, standing about 8 inches tall, last year at this time they were at 3ft.
 Kale coming along nicely, these are replacements
 cauliflowers are big enough to uncover now and are doing fine, these are the replacements
 the original carrots are standing tall and proud
 beetroots getting big and bushy, these are the original ones
 the beans are at last starting to twist up the canes
 as are the dwarf beans
 look, look a courgette, these not faired well, only 2 of the 6 left and the other one not doing much at all
 the rocket is getting nice and bushy and has flowered
 the replacement carrots are coming along fine
as are the replacement lettuce

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