Monday, 11 July 2011

Feeding Bob - chocolate cakes and chocolate custard

Well its Monday night, the night I have the pleasure of having the grandchildren to stay over. So at 6.30 this evening we toddled off to the kitchen to make chocolate cakes and chocolate custard. Bob had never had either, and has never had custard of any sort at all as his mummy doesn't make this sort of thing.

Again this is a review post using my ingredients and cake maker that you have read about in the last few postings - and if you haven't they make interesting reading so feel free to acquaint yourself with them.

sieving into bowl and onto cupboard
This like the cakes I made a few days back was done with a mixture of flours. Todays' batch (which I made up in advance of the children coming) , and it consisted of 50% plain white flour blend, with 25% brown rice flour, 12.5% tapioca flour and 12.5% white rice flour to which I added gluten substitute and 3 teaspoon of  baking powder. This lot was sieved together 3 or 4 times and then placed into a suitably marked Tupperware so I know what is in it.

sieved together
we weighed out 6 oz of above flour,to which we added 2 oz of carob powder, and sieved them together into a bowl ( and all over the worktop and the and added 5oz golden sugar, add added the dry ingredients to 6 tablespoons of sunflower oil and 2 eggs made with the egg replacer, we stirred it all up together with the 3 oz of Alpro Soya chocolate milk to moisten to a proper consistency. (and Bob finished my milk off now we have got him drinking the stuff.....rotten sausage that he is!)

It was placed into the mini cup cake maker, we made 21 in total.

in they go

risen, cooked and yummy looking

Verdict - They came out the same colour as they went it, and were quite chewy and sort of squidgy, almost brwnie like, with what I can only describe as a pleasant treacle taste to them, must admit if I had not seen the carob powder going in I would not have known they were suppose to be chocolate, will need to add more carob powder next time I think, and out of the 21 we made there are 4 left, speaks for itself really.  They would also be nice with some "butter" icing or melted chocolate and a jelly tot on top.

  These were served with lazy chocolate custard, made using Oatly healthy option chocolate milk, and Birds custard powder, in the conventional way of making custard, and no I did not add sugar as I do not think custard needs sugar, I do not have a sweet tooth and neither do the kids.  Whilst this milk is not truly gluten free it is very low in gluten and it tends to be a build up or larger doses of higher gluten products that causes Bob problems, and knew I was safe in using this for him, and his mummy had agreed it was alright to do.
This custard had a sweet almost malty taste and was very pleasant indeed.

tucking in to finished products


  1. Salivating once again!! Well done on another successful experiment Elaine, they look absolutely scrummy! xxx

  2. They sound gorgeous! I love the mini cup cake maker, what a fabulous little gadget. I'm going to attempt making a cake for my little sis today as it's her birthday. Lend us your cookery talents will you? ;O)

  3. Elaine, you are doing Healthy Supplies so proud! I am absolutely loving these recipes. I have tweeted about you and you are our Facebook blogger of the week!

    I really hope the children (and grown ups) are enjoying all the wonderful things you are baking. That cupcake maker looks marvellous! Keep in touch and well done again!

  4. Elaine you are doing a marvellous job! I am loving the recipes and it looks like the children are having fun! You really are doing Healthy Supplies proud.

    That cupcake maker really does look good! Well done again. Also thought you should know that you are our Blog of the week. Hopefully all our customers can take inspiration from your recipes.

    much love
    Tina Manahai-Mahai

  5. its not the finished result that matters for your little sisters birthday cake Kay, its the thought that goes into it. My kids always loved the not so perfect cos all their pals mummies bought posh cakes for their parties and all the kids preferred my weird, squint, home made blobs because they were different.
    the mini cake maker is brilliant, would recommend one to anybody. may have to buy one and put it up for a prize as I am well impressed with the machine so somebody else can have a go at using one

  6. When I collected the kids yesterday morning, there were a few cakes left, so I brought them home (saves mum eating them, helps her waistline and all that - see what a nice person I am!). I forgot all about them last night, so have just got them out, and three of them vanished before I could blink - both kids and the extra one I am looking after today almost inhaled one each, leaving poor mummy with just one. That one was very nice, if a litle dry (but they are 2 days old), although I had to eat it in one mouthful as all three kids were eyeing it up!
    I am now being nagged mercilessley to buy a cupcake maker for home, so the kids can make cakes here too - thanks mum!


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