Monday, 18 July 2011

A fun afternoon at Ayr Racecourse

I was lucky enough to be one of five winners for a family pass to the fun day at Ayr Race course today, courtesy of Whats on so daughter No1, the two grandchildren and myself all toddled along this afternoon for some fun. Was quite glad the rain had dried up and the sun made an appearance as it certainly made it a bit more pleasant.

the three of them with peppa pig
Peppa pig was there making  a brief appearance but ours were not really that interested in that, but they did have their faces painted, Fifi as a butterfly, K  as a rabbit and Bob as a pirate. 

a butterfly and rabbit cheer leading

our pirate on the rides
 The three of them had fun playing on the rides, and Fifi and her friend went onto Jungle crazy, a "house" with moving stairs and a hamster wheel.  Bob wasn't allowed on it as the attendant said he was too small, no sign up with height restrictions and only turning small children away after they had queued with the bigger ones, and more than one tot left in tears. But he got on the other rides so was more than happy.

up the moving stairs
Fifi on the jungle crazy

up the top

and her friend
running round the hamster wheel

There was a cheer leading display and the girls had great fun joining in with this, Bob was for none of it, he just sat and watched. 

rehearsal time

shake those pom poms

a wiggle of the hips

and finished
the girls on a ride
old fire engine
new fire engine

The best bit for Bob was the fire engines, an old one and a new one, and they all got a firemans' helmet to wear as well.
Bob on the cups

and just to prove we were actually at the horse racing, here you go, a few pictures of the horses...

walking round before the first race

running past us

not forgetting the one at the back

and finally on the way out there were two nice ladies handing out balloons so we had fun getting them into the car!!
3 painted children with hats and balloons
All in all a nice afternoon, kept the kids amused for approx 3 hours and all for filling in a form on a website, I love comping, great free days out for the kids. Thank you whats on Ayrshire.

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