Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Baking with Bob - chocolate pancakes

Last night the kids were a bit disappointed not to do some baking but there was just not feasibly enough time to do any with them and they were both in bed and sleeping by 7pm last night.

Then I realised this morning that I had no suitable cereals for Bob so decided to make them what they wanted to try...... Chocolate pancakes, not so sure I fancied them but then this isn't about me.

Decided as last weeks recipe for yummy pancakes were exactly that we decided to adapt it.

I worked with the same basic recipe but change the yoghurt for home made chocolate yoghurt and the milk to Chocolate Oatly milk, but nothing else was any different.

cooking the first side

They cooked up fine, not as many bubbles on top as last weeks ones.

Well Bob told me they were " scrummy yummy in my tummy" and Fifi says they were "fandabidosie".

I did enjoy them, and I would make them again,  but didn't feel they were as light as last weeks ones.

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