Monday, 25 July 2011

Baking with Bob - Tuna cakes and apple pies

This is a sponsored post using items I received from Healthy supplies

Decided we would teach Bob savoury things and decided we would try out pastry, so I made two different types on Friday and put half of each in the freezer to keep it fresh to use with the kids today.

Now I do realise these again are sweet items, but my experiement was the pastry, so decided to make sweet stuff as it is easier than savoury to try my little guinea pig colleagues  at work as there is no viable means of heating savoury for testing, sweet things are easier for this.

Will need to invest in a Pie maker at some stage so we can make small experiments the same as we did with our Giles and Posner cup cake maker that they kindly gave me in return for recipes.  

Anyway if you read the post you will see these didn't go down to well with the girls at work but again the grandchildren loved them.

So tonight we made apple pies with the pastry, had the apples cooked in the freezer from earlier in the year, so this morning before I went out for a cycle ride I took the pastry and the apples out the freezer ( how well organised am I ...)

we rolled
we cut ( sorry SD card a bit dodgy sometimes)
popped them in trays

and filled them

Bob popped some sultanas in his

finished and cooked

The kids ate these for supper with some oatly chocolate custard that we made, with chocolate milk and birds custard powder.

Then I let them play with the spare pastry and here are their creations;

Fifi made Rapunzel who is 18

Bob spelt his name and top left is a cat

Whilst the kids were playing I cooked potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots together, mashed them up, stirred in 2 tins tuna some fresh chives and curly parsley from the garden. Plan had been they could make shapes with this as well for tea but they decided they wanted to go back out and play so I just popped in into a tray and stuck it in the oven to keep it warm till we were ready for it. A quick easy to make meal that is Bob friendly.

Tasted yummier than it looks.

and to prove Im not totally addicted to free from cooking here is a cake made with normal flour, dairy free marge, and proper eggs for me and oh - save him feeling left out. Even put dairy free butter icing on it and decorated the top.

butter icing was a tad soft in the heat


  1. to be honest I do think the pastry needs modifying. is quite nice and edible when warm, a bit tough on the old teeth when cold. Might try a higher proportion of fat to flour next time. or may try oil...but then it may not work at all with that.....will keep you posted

  2. The tuna cakes look amazing! Think I will try that for dinner at some point. Marvellous post again Elaine, well done!

  3. i like the idea of the tuna cakes too, my daughter flatly refuses to eat fish, and maybe if I disguise it a little she'd give it a go. Some fabulous ideas here! :O) x

  4. Kay if you were making these you could thicken with potato flakes and shape, like this is was a bit runny for shaping. involve the daughter in the process and use shape makers and its then fun. also gets hidden veg into kids as there are no lumps. could also grate cheese on the top for added goodness, I would of done but cant risk the cross contamination for Bob. let us know how you get on and I will upload a picture for you of them.

  5. Mmmh those apple pies look yummy! We wil give em a go.. my kids would adore them.. not sure one the tuna though, the can be fussy! But maybe we should try

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