Sunday, 3 July 2011

If you go down to the woods today.....

hide and seek
On Tuesday when we had the children it was far to nice to stay in, so after tea we set off to Bellisle Park  to run the kids into the ground and walk the dog as well.

We picked up some bread to feed the ducks with, this is something Bob has not done before as handling some breads can make him quite ill, but we had a fairly safe bread for him to handle and set off.

The ducks in the park live in a pond surrounded by a fence, so although the kids could feed the ducks by lobbing the bread over the fence, we could not actually get kids and ducks in the same picture, hence no picture of them doing so.

we can see you

Tuesday had been Bobs penultimate day at nursery and they had had a teddy bears picnic to celebrate this occasion with, so kids being kids the two of them set off into the woods to see if they could find any bears or elephants, but all they seem to find was mud.....and came back out covered in the stuff. The shoes were promptly removed before they got into the car and thrown in the boot, did toy with just tossing the kids into the boot complete with shoes but thought we better not.

enjoying playing with trains

Once we got them back home they decided to take out the train track and play with it. Bob had a small track  set up here as he is totally train daft, and it is played with every time they are here,  but when I had been off work for the weekend we had gone to the car boot sale and saw another box with matching track and loads of trains in and it was a really bargain so we just added that to the collection. Well worth every penny I paid for it.

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