Tuesday, 12 July 2011

allotment update for middle July

In last months post I told how most of the plants I had been sent out by Rocket Gardens had died rather than grown, and they had agreed to send out more, and when the box turned up it was a complete set of the whole lot of plants.

So we went and planted them as replacements hoping that this lot fairs better than the last lot.

Since then they have not died but nothing seems to be growing much at all, and that goes for other gardens in our area not just ours, last year the garden had done more than it has this year so far.

The potatoes seem to be growing all right, and you can see the difference in the photo as to how much they have grown in the last month,

The first set of carrots, mustard and lettuce are growing well, and the others have been slotted in the gaps created by the first set of dying plants.

But this is now the start of July and I'm not sure how much of a crop we are going to get at all.

carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and rocket

runner beans

mini runner beans

second lot of carrots and lettuce
original lettuce


giant red mustard
We are now into the middle of July, and some of the potatoes have been dug up, looking good. the giant red mustard is huge and the carrots lettuce and cauliflower certainly have grown. The Runner Beans are not doing much at all but they might do yet. 

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  1. same problem here, our runner beans aren't doing a great deal, most of our sunflowers didn't come to fruition, and that was AFTER my splashing out on expensive proper potting compost and feeds this year, after last years dismal effort done on the cheap!
    Even the tomoatoes, despite being quite bushy, dont look all that happy!
    The neighbours here are repeating the same story!


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