Monday, 30 April 2012

Project 366 121/366

We seem to be fairing well in the weather stakes judging by the amount of rainy pictures a lot of you are posting up. It was sunny here, a bit chilly but nice and dry and the kids asked to go out and play, so off they went. Bob had asked for their water pistols, but Fifi had told him it was too cold to be getting wet.

They took out the McCain stuff we won in a competition a few years ago as they really enjoy playing with  the stuff. We did find as it was rather windy and we needed to take some stones out off the garden to keep their target on the floor, and a few to pop on top of the empty sacks when they were not using them to stop them blowing away.

throwing rockets at a target

in the sacks round the cones she made

throwing a stick

Must admit there are huge differences here, Bob is such a rough and tumble boy with Fifi being much more ladylike.


  1. It looks like they had lots of fun x

  2. You should link this with Coombe Mills Outdoor fun linky on Saturday - pop to my huge puddle pic if you need details :)


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