Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I need a second job.

I work weekends, I work long hours and its a hard physical job but it is only two days a week, I want and need a second job. Having said that the very thought of having to go for interviews actually terrifies me.

The last time I went for an interview was about six years ago, I applied for dozens and dozens of Christmas vacancies, I went along for the interviews, I presented my self well, but no luck, it really is soul destroying.

I make a good employee, I am conscientious, hard working and amiable. I get on well with people, have fabulous customer service skills and give my all to a job. I can supply good references and have various areas of experience  that I can fall back on.

I work well with young children, I was a registered child minder for fourteen years, I have worked as a crèche worker both voluntary and paid, and also worked as a play group leader.

I have worked in shops, happy to learn new skills, I can work a checkout, if the shop was quiet I was always quite happy to go and stock shelves or change price labels over. Due to my accent I have a good telephone manner and often manned the customer service desk and taught myself the computer system, this allowed me to process orders amongst other things.

I worked had a huge amount of fun in an urban aid funded project as a volunteer and took on the role of treasurer, which not only involved the accounts but also the wages, tax returns as well as budgeting and creative juggling to make sure the correct amount of money was spent in each allocated category. It was such a rewarding thing to do.

I am an intelligent woman, I came out of University eight years ago with a BA, I have my E.C.D.L, and am comfortable using a computer and the internet. 

I suppose my starting point for job hunting needs to be a CV, an up to date one that reflects accurately the person I am. Again it is a long time since I wrote one and thinking changes on the format and the content so will really need to start from scratch.

I could do with a make over, a nice new hair cut and some suitable clothes. I wear a uniform for my current job and live scruffily in joggies and t-shirts the rest of the time. I was looking at some of these palazzo trousers and feel they would be fine to wear behind a checkout, nice and cool and not overly restrictive for the bending and stretching that is required.

My biggest draw back to any second job is most employers these days want employees to be flexible seven days a week, which I am not as I have an enjoyable first job that I have no intentions of giving up.

Ah well guess I need to make up a CV and see what happens. Wish me luck.

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  1. It's a mine field out there these days; I don't know what employers want anymore but I reckon it's far too much for not enough pay. Sounds like the same old cliche - you're over-qualified.

    I don't know what the answer is but keep trying.

    CJ x

  2. must admit for some of the jobs I just dont declare my BA!!


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