Saturday, 20 April 2013

Project 365 14th- 20th April

This has been a particularly stressful week and I have had other things on my mind so bear with me this week, not the most exciting of pictures but decided that I was not dropping out at this stage.


Usually make my own yoghurt, but thought I would treat myself and try these.  Must admit they are very very nice and I would recommend them.


A stroll along a very very windy beach, and I just loved the way this froth was blowing along the tide line. The sky may be blue but it was COOOOOOOLD.


Had some baking to do, one of the most important bakes of the year.  You can read about how I stuck the cake back together here. 


Was Bob's 7th birthday, all to grown up all to quick. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He said he wanted seeds to grow vegetables for his garden, so I bought him seeds, compost and seed trays and a bug house to hang in his garden to encourage bugs so we can look at them with the magnifying glass. Here he is cutting up his cake. 


We had an early morning appointment to keep this week and then a friend to pick up from the train station, but while waiting we went for another walk along a cold beach. as we were heading back to the car to pick the friend up we saw the policeman meeting up with a member of the public and then heading off down the beach at a high rate of knots. I went back up to the top of the dunes to see if we could see anything, but no we couldn't. As we headed back to the car we saw another police van with two more police going to join the first one. Not seen anything in the news. 
If you blow the picture up and zoom in on the figure dressed in black it is the policeman.


Back down at our friends cottage again tonight, and I love the trail this plane left as it flew overhead, often wonder where people are going and why. 


Another breezy but blue sky and sunny day. Here is Mr/Mrs Seagull sitting enjoying the heat from the neighbours heating. These things are a bl**dy nuisance  if you go out in the street when their young are around they dive bomb you and attack. If people stopped feeding them they may not be so keen to hang around, but I suppose one of the drawbacks of living so close to the beach.

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  1. Some lovely pictures of the beach & happy birthday to 'Bob'. Hope you have a less stressful week this week x

  2. We all have weeks which are hard but well done for sticking with it. Love Mr Seagull enjoying the sun

  3. Happy 7th Birthday to Bob - thats a really great cake :)

  4. Wow, the sea photo is brilliant. I think I'd have to get that framed and up on display!

  5. Oh Elaine that surf photo is just beautiful! I love the way that you've got right in there for it! I often try and take one but never manage to capture the movement properly, but yours is brilliant; I must make a note to try it.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. Lots of lovely beach photos. Hope the cake went down well!

  7. Loving the windy beach. A 7th birthday .... So grown up & lovely cake x

  8. What a gorgeous beach pic. And that cake!

  9. Your beach picture is stunning its so hard to get water just at that perfect time so it looks good on a photo.

  10. Really love the beach picture. Happy birthday to Bob and what a great gift to ask for!

  11. you are a good Gran making Bob's birthday cake and I love what you bought him for his birthday - that will occupy him and get him busy outdoors.
    i really like Monday's photo - i can imagine how cold it was because although sunny here there was a cold wind earlier in the week x

  12. fantastic pictures my faves are the beach ones :-)

  13. Happy Birthday to Bob! Wonder what all the excitement on the beach was about.

  14. You made Bob a lovely birthday cake, I hope he had a great day. Here's to next week being less stressful than this week for you.

  15. I love your second shot, the waves look v impressive! Sorry you've had a hard week. Hope things improve for you

  16. Those beautiful blue skies. We seem to be a bit lacking in those at the moment. The surf and the seagull are my favourite shots.

  17. How lucky you are living so close to a beach except for the bliddy seagulls.. they are a nuisance.
    We only get them near our house when there's rain coming up the Bristol Channel and they fly inland.

  18. I agree seagulls are annoying, but your pic makes that one look very cute! Love the cake x

  19. Your photo of the waves is stunning.Fantastic colours.

  20. Really like your present for your grandson, and I'm intrigued about the policeman incident! Lovely photos

    1. nothing in local paper this week so n one the wiser


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