Saturday, 6 April 2013

Project 365 31st March - 6th April

Sunday last week was Easter Sunday, and we were invited to Daughter No2 for tea. We had a very traditional meal of......chicken fajitas - and very nice they were too.

Monday evening I had both  the children over and we went off to our friends country cottage, and Bob and Fifi found a castle and declared themselves King and Queen. You can read more about their fun here if you wish. 

Tuesday Fifi had a jumper on that was covered on sequins, and she loved the way the sun caught them through the window and reflected patterns onto the wall.

Wednesday we went out for an Indian meal, here is some chicken passandra with nan bread. The service in the restaurant is excellent.

Thursday was Bobs birthday party. Normally I don't get to go to these occasions as they are on at a weekend when I am working, but with it being a Thursday I could go. I had lots of fun, it was a brilliant party. You can see more of it over here with a few video clips and a pile of photographs if you wish.


I just liked the pattern on here, the way the cracks run out the way with the rings running round the way. I toyed with moving the leaves out the way but I decided it detracted form the charm of the wood if I did.


My weekend visit to my friend up at the cottage. We wandered off down the hill for a change, far to steep for the kids to get up and down safely so not been this way before. We spotted this tunnel that was about 40ft long and ran under the road......I wonder if the gruffalos use it to save from getting run over?

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  1. happy birthday to your Bob - he looks very smart in his birthday clothes. i do enjoy a good curry and that one looks really yummy. i love fajitas too!! x

  2. Bob's party looks like a lot of fun, glad you enjoyed it. The wood cut through is amazing.

    Thanks for linking up.

  3. looks like you have had a busy week!love the tunnel xx

  4. wow! what a great week! i love curry!

  5. What a lovely week you have all had! Hope Bob enjoyed his birthday and I agree the picture of the cut wood trunk is lovely. Please come and join me on my Country Kids linky all about outdoor fun - it's every week from Saturday!

  6. looks like a fun week, love that tree trunk x

  7. Glad you had chance to go to Bob's party. Nana's should be there!
    That tunnel looks doesn't look very high so think it may be a gruffalo crossing!

  8. Love the sequin reflections on the wall - very pretty, and the tunnel looks interesting!

  9. Happy birthday!!

    ohh the tunnel looks fascinating....wonder what it was/where it goes

  10. oh i just realised you said it runs under the road...wonder whats its purpose is then...

    1. I assume it is a tunnel for sheep and things to cross under the road from field to field. I crossed over the top and Bob and my friend went through, just seemed to be a huge garden leading down to the river


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