Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Gallery - Together

I saw the theme over on Sticky Fingers that Tara had set this week and thought I had just the picture to join in with.

Together just sums up this picture - my three children and my sisters three children together for the last time as we live at different ends of the country. My sister and myself were always close as children and it would have been nice for the cousins to grow up the same way, but sadly it was not to be,

From left to right - daughter No2, my niece, older nephew, daughter No1 with younger nephew on her knee and son No2 on the floor.

Sorry it is not the best picture but it was taken over twenty years ago. We did manage to get four of them together for a few days over Christmas 2011 with some of the next generation as well which was very nice.



  1. Lovely to see families together so so special

  2. What a great photo to have. It's so hard getting family together when you're spread all over the place that pics like this are so precious.


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