Tuesday, 9 April 2013

We went on a bug hunt.

We pop up to the cottage for our usual Monday night visit and decided we would take Bob down to the gruffalo tunnel we found last week. It was quite a steep climb down to, and back up from there as it was down at river level.

Some of the ground was a bit rough and Bob needed a help to get through some of it. This lot was masses of bramble bushes and just too high for him to safely walk through.

We decided as we were going bug hunting we needed a magnifying glass to hunt bugs with. We rifled through masses and masses of dead leaves, we broke up pieces of rotting wood, look under logs and in holes but for some strange reason there seemed to be nothing alive.

 we managed to find one worm and two wood lice.

Granddad tipped the poor wee woodlouse upside down and Bob and I looked through the magnifier at all its legs wriggling as it tried to get back up right. Bob thought it was hilarious. This photo was taken through the magnifier.

Further evidence to strengthen the fact gruffalo's live here we found a bone from one that Bob had to inspect.

We came across the tunnel and Bob went through it with our friend

They are in there, honest, zoom in a bit. 

and back out again

We found various types of feathers that we played with. We were throwing them up in the air and blowing them to make them float and fly. Bob also asked us all to make a wish, close our eyes and blow them away.

 Some of the feathers had nice patterns on

others got caught in the trees.

We also compared how far we could throw a feather and how far we could throw a stick. We also worked out heavy sticks made more noise than lighter ones when they land, and that feathers made no noise when they landed.

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  1. What a lovely hunt! My little man loves digging in the garden and watching the worms, bugs and all sorts of creepy crawlies


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