Tuesday 2 July 2013

Blueberry Scottish pancakes - diabetic friendly

Now we have settled in I am back to making more food again. Last week for lunch I made some blueberry pancakes. Trying to vary the diet for OH but keep it within the guidelines the dietician gave us, low GI, natural sugars, higher fibre, and some fresh fruit every day, and the recipe fulfils them all.

Measure out 10 fl oz semi-skimmed milk
beat in 2 eggs
and 1 tablespoon coconut sugar
beat through 4 oz light brown self raising flour
and 1 oz flaxseed

this makes a nice thick mixture.

Heat a frying pan and add enough oil to lightly oil bottom of pan, then add a ladle full of mixture to make a pancake appox 4 inches across.

Cook slowly until mix starts to bubble on top, then add some blueberries cut in half.

Finish cooking until cook through on top. At that point I flipped them over for 30 seconds just to brown the top.

Serve with natural yoghurt or on their own.

The highlighted items were supplied by Healthy Supplies, but the recipe idea is my own.

This is my ultimate blog challenge post for  Day 2.


  1. Great post! made me kind of hungry. Funny thing is I've always messed up homemade pancakes by flipping them to soon. This line right here:

    "Finish cooking until cook through on top. At that point I flipped them over for 30 seconds just to brown the top,"

    was all I needed :)

    1. thank you, to be honest they dont need flipping at al, just OH wont eat them if they are not brown on top.

  2. M'mm sounds lovely, I will pass this on to someone I know who is a diabetic and I'll give it a whirl myself. Thanks. Hazel

  3. Don't know if I've seen whole grain self raising flour here in the United States but I've found I don't miss livening agents at all in our homemade pancakes. And I do love blueberries. Than you for sharing.

  4. these sound great! I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic last year so I am constantly trying to adapt recipes and find new ones. Thanks for this one!


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