Tuesday 23 July 2013

Hue Animation - our first thought and first review

I was sent out this with the intentions of passing it onto Daughter No1 and the grandchildren, here is there first thoughts and their first videos

What is hue animation? You can find there website here .


The complete stop motion animation solution.
  • Hue Animation Studio contains everything you need to create animated videos
  • The fully-featured animation software is easy for kids to use, and has been designed for education
  • Stop motion animation software joins together a series of snapshots to make a movie, as in theWallace & Gromit films
  • Suitable for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X
  • Make your art and craft sessions come alive. A great gift for children aged 5+

The Hue Animation Studio contains everything a budding animator needs to begin creating stop motion animation videos.  Children can discover, imagine and create stop-motion animation through powerful, easy-to-use, animation software complete with Hue’s market leading Plug ‘n’ Play HD camera with built-in microphone and a unique flexible neck for unlimited positioning options. 
The software (used in schools and at home) helps children to create simple visual adaptations using toys, modelling clay, play figures and stop-frame animation techniques.  The process of animating with the Hue Animation Studio encourages children to learn a diverse range of skills in both a fun and stimulating way.  They can create a story, create characters, make them from clay or plasticine, design and make sets, compose soundtracks or select appropriate recorded music to enhance a film.
Whether you’re five or 95, you can’t go wrong with Hue’s full feature animation suite!

My daughters review. 

We were sent a stop-motion animation kit by Hue animation to test, play with and review.  The kit contains an HD webcam, stop-motion animation software, and modelling clay, everything you need.

The kids were very excited to try it out – Fifi has being doing a lot of stop-motion animation on the iPads at school, and Bob has done some at home, so both were keen to get going.

This is the first movie they made

The software included in the pack (SAM animation) is simple and easy to use – the kids worked out how to add sound to videos within a few minutes, although Mum didn't.   It has all of the normal stop-motion animation options, for eg onion skin (overlays the last picture onto the preview screen for the next so you can see where to move items to etc), options to add and delete frames (useful when fingers get in the way!), and add sound, either voice that you record yourself or music tracks.  The webcam comes with a built in microphone to allow voice recording.

The software also has a time-lapse option, where it can be set to take a sequence of time-lapse pictures automatically, with a good amount of settings for time between pictures and length of sequence.
There are various other settings and options available for use, which haven’t been explored yet, but Fifi is desperate to have another go and see what she can do.

This is the first one they made all by themselves, they worked out how to add audio, but all you hear is the background television. They will learn how to add voice shortly

The webcam itself is good quality, and comes with a flexible neck, so it can be bent into almost any position, which caused much hilarity when Bob was taking upside down pictures!  It also comes with a USB stand, so it can be plugged straight into the computer, or used on the stand, giving it a longer reach and more flexibility.

The only (minor) negative I have found with the kit is that it is much better suited to a laptop.  We have desktop computers, which has left us limited as to where we can film, as the camera needs to be plugged into the computer at all times.  With a laptop, we would have a lot more freedom, and could even take it all out into the garden.

So far, the kids have had a lot of fun making films, and I’m sure there are going to be a lot more made in the foreseeable future.  

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